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What Is The Song In The Dupixent 'Why Hide Your Skin?' Commercial?

The skin is the largest organ any of us have. Due to this and because your skin becomes exposed to all kinds of allergens and bacteria throughout any one day, it's natural for problems to crop up every once in a while. In many cases, you just need to give the condition time, but you need a heavy-duty solution in other instances. 

Dupixent has unveiled a new commercial to advertise its new medical injection designed to treat eczema. The serum can aid people as young as 6 years of age to swim, dance, and sing without feeling self-conscious about any redness. 

The goal of the commercial may have been to get people to talk to their dermatologist about any underlying conditions, but it may also introduce you to a catchy new song. It's tough to hear the music underneath all of the ad copy, but there's a distinctive tune that deserves to be on the next playlist you create. Give a listen to "Stomp Me Out" by Bryce Fox.

Bryce Fox is an artist on the rise

Listening to "Stomp Me Out" in this Dupixent commercial may be the first time you hear the music of Bryce Fox. However, big things are in store for the musician. His songs have already garnered millions of streams across social media, and now's the perfect time to become familiar, as he's set to break out in a big way later this year.

Based on his Spotify profile, he's a singer/songwriter who draws influence from country to punk. He released his debut single in 2016, and the following year saw him drop his first album, "Heaven on Hold." His next album is due to come out sometime in 2021, but if you want a taste of what to expect, you can check out the music video for his next single, "Hate Myself," on YouTube. 

The ad isn't Bryce Fox's first time in the limelight. "The Blacklist: Redemption" Season 1 trailer used Fox's track "Voodoo," while an episode of "The Vampire Diaries" used "Horns." Once his next album comes out, there will be plenty more songs for other projects to utilize. For now, there's always "Stomp Me Out" to fall back on.