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Trailers For Movies That Don't Exist

Everyone knows that the best part of going to the movies is the previews. But somehow, the movies themselves never live up to the trailers, which begs the question: why do we even need the movie? Judging by some of the fake trailers that have been made over the years, maybe we don't. In a world where movies so often disappoint, maybe it's time to just enjoy some trailers that will never let us down.


Look, Creed was good and all, but what we really want to see is a movie about the estranged, out-of-shape, mohawk-sporting son of Clubber Lang. Thankfully, Jimmy Kimmel gave us a glimpse of the glory that could be with this fake trailer. Tracy Morgan kills this Rocky-inspired spoof, landing so many knock-out blows it's a wonder he didn't get it pregnant.

The Beygency

What if you had to spend every day living a lie? What if...what if you thought Beyonce was just "okay?" That's not "Crazy in Love." That's just crazy! What kind of world would you face, every day, as you woke up and knew that you would have to keep that lie going, or face the consequences? Well, SNL wondered the very same question, and the answer is, people will hunt you down and kill you if your adoration of Beyonce isn't absolute. Okay, not really. But it would be awesome if that were true, because this movie looks legitimately fantastic.

Hamlet, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

Once upon a time, there was no bigger movie star than Arnold, both literally and figuratively. He could do no wrong, even when he was killing cops by the dozen. And while he never tackled Shakespeare, you know that if he did, it would have been all 31 flavors of Baskin Robbins badassery. Thankfully, underrated genre-busting bomb Last Action Hero gave Arnold a chance to flex his Shakespearean chops, with epic results.

The Fatties: Fart 2

Tropic Thunder was an all-out extravaganza of Hollywood stars, parodying everything from pretentious Oscar chasers to bottom-of-the-barrel comedy sellouts. Jack Black, who has made a lowbrow comedy or two of his own, got to really bottom out as a fart-obsessed fatty in his fake trailer for The Fatties: Fart 2. The sad part is, this movie would probably have been a hit.

2016: The Movie

Remember how awful 2016 was? From a slew of celebrity deaths to a presidential race that nobody saw coming, 2016 sure had a way of kicking us back down each time we finally struggled to our knees. For a while there, there was nothing more satisfying than blaming all of our problems on the calendar, and from that mindset this fake trailer was born, encompassing the highs and the lows of the year that took our icons and our will to live. The real question is: now that you've lived through it, would you watch it again?

Boston Accent

Between Tom Brady, Ben Affleck, and most Martin Scorsese movies, it feels like Boston has been having a moment for a freakin' decade, bro. Seth Meyers has certainly noticed, as made evident by this trailer spoofing the endless slog of Boston movies, from The Departed to The Town, Mystic River to Spotlight, that have made us wonder, do people really talk like that?


The 2007 horror/comedy Grindhouse offered up plenty of fake trailers for its fans. Genre masters Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, Rob Zombie, and Eli Roth each took their turns behind the camera, offering up classic bits like Machete and Werewolf Women of the SS. But for our money, no one can top Shaun of the Dead-helmer Edgar Wright, whose nonsensical take on cult horror was as ingenious as any of his movies.

Don' You GO Rounin' ROUN to RE RO

What did he say? Is that English? Can we put on the subtitles, or is that too embarrassing? How many times have you been watching some grungy, crime drama from the UK and not understood a word of dialogue? SNL brilliantly summed up all of our frustration with this fake trailer celebrating the flexibility of the English language.

The Night the Reindeer Died

Scrooged is the Christmas classic that those of us with a black heart always look forward to the most. From stapling horns on mice to Bill Murray getting slugged in the face, it celebrates the holidays with comedy as black as a stocking full of coal. But right in the middle of this flick is a fake trailer for a yuletide yarn we wish we could really watch. If the Six Million Dollar Man teaming up with Santa to kill bad guys is your idea of a festive treat, then this fake trailer is made just for you.


Nothing funny about this one. Just an epic trailer for a movie that will never exist, straight from power couple Jay-Z and Queen Bey. With an all-star cast that includes Sean Penn, Jake Gyllenhaal, Don Cheadle, and Rashida Jones, this story of a Bonnie and Clyde-like duo robbing banks and banging bods will make you wish you were a lot cooler than you are.

Not Another Sundance Movie

Sundance is the most important independent film festival in the country. Every year, unknown filmmakers have a chance to prove themselves and become the next big thing. Some of your favorite movies got their start in the snowy banks of Park City, but, as great as their yearly selection is, it's hard not to notice some similarities when you really pay attention. And comedy group Tastes Funny sure did pay attention, cramming just about every indie cliche you could imagine into their fake Sundance trailer, all on a shoestring budget that would make the filmmakers they're spoofing proud.

Academy Award-Winning Movie Trailer

Another spoof neck-deep in cliches, this trailer proves that the sketch group BriTANicK clearly knows a thing or two about Oscar bait. From special-needs sidekicks to a class full of underprivileged kids who just need a chance, this trailer plays like a checklist on how to win an Academy Award.

Movie: the Movie

Is this the most star-studded movie of all time? Jimmy Kimmel must have called in a lot of favors to pull this blockbuster fake trailer together. With a lineup that includes Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Samuel L. Jackson, George Clooney, Helen Mirren, Charlize Theron, and Jason Bateman (and that's just the start), it's hard to argue that this sucker packs more star power per second than a planetarium on crank. Spoofing everything from Air Bud to Armageddon, with a healthy dose of Black Hitler, not much can hold a candle to this tour de force. Well, maybe its sequel can, but we all know sequels are never as good as the original.