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Is The Tiny Island In The Allstate Commercial Real?

When you see that Allstate commercial where the guy drives around picking up fresh-from-the-water fish and warm bakery bread, exchanging pleasantries in a tone that hints at a close-knit community, do you think about insurance? Or does your mind wander to wondering about that scene where the camera pans out? That's when we see where it's all happening, a tiny idyllic island, where a person can accomplish an entire round of errands before a pot of kettle left on the stove has time to boil down and create a fire hazard. (And huzzah to Allstate for finding a clever way to illustrate a message about reduced rates for low-mileage drivers.)

Back to the island, though, which really does spark curiosity. For anyone who doesn't live in a charming, tranquil spot surrounded by the sea, it appears too good to be true—a figment of a marketing team's imagination. Maybe even a set built by Allstate. On the other hand, one can't help but hope this location exists somewhere out there in real life, ideally offering plenty of well-paying dream jobs and affordable real estate options to boot.

It's real ... and edited

Our first stop for fact-checking: Snopes. Here, we learn the island is an actual real place. Sure, it was edited for the ad to give it a "cleaner" look, but you can actually go there, and not just in your dreams. Located in Norway, the island is called Ona. A visit just requires a hop on one of many ferries, or your own boat.

Ona is famous for its historic fishing village and its lighthouse, Ona Fyr (which you're going to want to watch for next time you view the video). As NewsinEnglish.no points out, image editing isn't the only change Allstate made to reality on the island. People there tend to speak a local dialect (not English as portrayed in the ad) and the glorious weather is, perhaps, a bit of hyperbole. You're more likely to run into a storm than a bright, sunny day while you're there. But hey, perfection is overrated, right?

There's still truth in advertising

A few edits aside, Allstate didn't have to stray too far outside the box when using Ona as a location. According to Fjords.com, the island of Ona is actually two islands, Ona and HusØya, connected by the bridge we see in the commercial. Ona is decidedly tiny, with a permanent population of — wait for it — about 17 people. If you find that number surprising, bear in mind that before 2020, only 11 permanent residents lived there.

Not so surprisingly, Ona isn't an industrial hub where job seekers can find loads of viable options in line with a permanent relocation effort. There's a restaurant, a yarn shop, and a pottery shop, but no grocery store. HusØya is home to a football court. But mostly, it seems, you'll find peace and quiet on the island, which is why it's nice to know there are two accommodations options for vacationers there. So if you're looking to live the dream for just a little while—and possibly reenact the drive from the Allstate ad—now you know: It can be done.