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Sophia Di Martino Weighs In On Those Sylvie And Lady Loki Theories

The Marvel shows on Disney+ so far have done an exceptional job of keeping many characters' true identities and motivations secretive. Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) turned out to be the powerful witch Agatha Harkness on "WandaVision." "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" initially presented John Walker (Wyatt Russell) as an all-American hero until he showed his true colors as a psychopath while on a mission. Through all of this deception, fans can be forgiven for having second thoughts about the true identity of Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) on "Loki."

She says she's a variant of Loki (Tom Hiddleston) from another timeline, but seeing as how we're still only halfway through the season, there are plenty of opportunities for another revelation. The most common theory is that Sylvie is the character Enchantress from the comics, who's born as a regular woman from Earth named Sylvie Lushton. There's also the possibility she could take on the moniker of Lady Loki, which in the comics is the same version of Loki who merely took on the form of a woman for many years.

These theories have grown so prominent that Di Martino has weighed in during an interview with Screen Rant to set the record straight. 

Sophia Di Martino states Sylvie is 'her own character'

If Sophia Di Martino is to be believed, then Sylvie is actually who she says she is. As she puts it, "The character is Sylvie, and she's her own character. The show is inspired by the comics and by lots of different things in the comics, but our story is a brand new story and a new backstory for Sylvie." With that quote, it would appear as though Sylvie is truly a Loki variant, and there's not going to be some massive reveal down the line she's someone different. The creators of "Loki" merely took elements of other recognizable characters from the comics to influence her design. 

However, fans may not exactly take Di Martino at her word. After all, when "WandaVision" was in the middle of its season, Paul Bettany had a now-infamous interview where he said he had the chance to work with an actor he's always wanted to work with. The mysterious cameo turned out to be Bettany himself as he played Vision and White Vision in a scene together during the show's finale. It's clear actors have no problem saying anything to throw fans off the scent of what will actually happen in their respective shows. 

Regardless of what Sylvie's identity turns out to be, there's still a ton of questions audiences have going into the last half of "Loki." Will Sylvie enter the main timeline? Why does she hate the Time Keepers so much? In just a few weeks, we'll finally know the truth.