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The Vampire Dies In No Time - What We Know So Far

Though people may be more desensitized to them today, vampires really are horrifying creatures. Put simply, the idea of Edward Cullen from "Twilight" might not scare you, but having a face-to face meeting with a genuine vampire should. After all, even with all of their weaknesses (garlic, crosses, sunlight, etc.), they're still ridiculously powerful creatures with a penchant for feeding on people. On top of that, they're nigh-unkillable without some preparation.

This is not so with one vampire, however. The prestigious and flimsy Dralc, protagonist of the manga "The Vampire Dies in No Time," is weak to all of the aforementioned items and more. In fact, his tender frame is bound to disintegrate "at the slightest shock" (via Myanimelist). But while Dralc is certainly feeble, his series is not. Six years after its initial manga debut, "The Vampire Dies in No Time" is finally getting an anime adaptation.

Based on the manga by Itaru Bonnoki and animated by studio Madhouse ("One Punch Man," "No Game No Life"), "The Vampire Dies in No Time" is fast approaching its fall 2021 release. With this new adaptation on the way, the series is bound to gain some new fans. So, for those interested in the humor and horror of Dralc and his allies, here is what we know so far.

When will The Vampire Dies in No Time release?

When it comes to the release date for "The Vampire Dies in No Time," we have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the anime is set to debut in Japan this October. The bad news (as is often the case with anime) is that the show's creators have not revealed a release date for any other region. The first, and only, teaser trailer for the show is available exclusively in Japanese. Furthermore, even Western Anime distributors like Crunchyroll mention nothing about an upcoming English translation.

The prospects of an English sub or dub are far from hopeless, however. It's not entirely uncommon for a show to receive its translation after its initial release, even though this modern era of simultaneous international releases makes it seem otherwise. Especially if the anime proves popular, "The Vampire Dies in No Time" has a good shot at a translation sometime in the future.

What's the cast of characters for The Vampire Dies in No Time?

While a potential English dub for "The Vampire Dies in No Time" is evidently far into the future, we do have an amazing grasp on the cast for the Japanese dub. As previously mentioned, one of the show's protagonists is the easily slain Dralc. Similar in name and appearance to the popular, debonair version of Count Dracula, Dralc is voiced by actor Jun Fukuyama (via Myanimelist). He is joined by other core characters, Ronaldo and John, played by Makoto Furukawa and Mutsumi Tamura, respectively.

Fukuyama is known for his work in "Bleach" and "Code Geass." Meanwhile, Furukawa and Tamura have starred in popular shows such as "Kaguya Sama: Love is War" and "Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid," respectively. They are also joined by supporting actors Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and Natsumi Hioka — who play the characters Tou and Hinaichi. Of course, "The Vampire Dies in No Time" has a wider range of characters than that, but fans will have to wait before they learn the voices behind them.

What is the plot of The Vampire Dies in No Time?

When professional vampire hunter Ronaldo ventures into a stereotypically spooky castle while investigating the disappearance of a group of children, he meets a vampire like none other. Ancient and powerful, but quite perishable, Dralc is not the monster Ronald expected to face. On top of turning to ash at the gentlest touch, Dralc is no child-eater. The "missing" kids had actually entered the castle of their own accord. They were not only unharmed but were using the castle as a place for play.

Unfortunately, Ronaldo thoughtlessly ruined Dralc's castle in the process of his hunt. Now, the feeble vampire is forced to move into Ronaldo's office in the center of the city. Together, the two face a variety of threats, including other vampires, Ronaldo's editors, and more. Expect these ghouls to garner gags galore as the supernatural struggles to survive in "The Vampire Dies in No Time."