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Ziwe Season 2 - What We Know So Far

Prepare yourselves: "Ziwe" is coming back for more at Showtime. Originally based on comedian Ziwe Fumudoh's YouTube and Instagram Live series "Baited with Ziwe," Season 1 of the late-night variety show featured plenty of the comedian's trademark biting satire and hilariously uncomfortable interrogations of race and social issues. It's part-interview series, part-musical, and part-sketch show, establishing Ziwe as a major force in comedy — and it's officially returning for a second season.

"This show has exceeded my wildest imagination thanks to my brilliant cast, crew and iconic guests," she said in a statement following the show's renewal. "I am famously delighted to continue my collaboration with Showtime and A24." Ziwe has interviewed everyone from Gloria Steinem to "Real Housewives of New York City" star Eboni K. Williams, effortlessly juggling topics like politics, pop culture, and social activism in her enviable wardrobe and trademark pastel eyeliner. 

Naturally, expectations for Season 2 are sky-high, and plenty of fans can't wait to see which iconic guests Ziwe will interview next. Let's break down everything we know about the upcoming sophomore season.

When will Ziwe Season 2 come out?

"Ziwe" Season 2 will be rolled out a little differently. The first season was filmed over the course of 15 days in February 2021, and consisted of six episodes that aired from May 9 to June 13, 2021. However, Season 2 will be longer and frature 12 episodes, which will be split into two different installments. It's unclear when exactly it will be written and filmed, and that question is even more difficult to answer because of just how busy Ziwe is.

She's currently writing a book of essays, entitled "The Book of Ziwe," which is set to be released this fall, and is currently developing an Amazon comedy show called "The Nigerian Princess." According to Variety, Ziwe is also working on recording new original music. That said, since she could presumably film the first half of Season 2 within a few weeks, new "Ziwe" episodes could potentially arrive in late 2021.

Who is will appear in Ziwe Season 2?

Since "Ziwe" is a variety talk show, its titular host is the only confirmed cast member for Season 2 so far. Season 1 saw Ziwe interviewing all kinds of well-known figures, from entertainers like Phoebe Bridgers to comedians like Patti Harrison and Bowen Yang to politicians like Andrew Yang and Stacey Abrams.

The star will likely continue to interview a whole host of "iconic guests" in future episodes, and she has some ideas about who could come on the show next. "Is there a season where I interview Hillary Clinton and Kim Kardashian or talk to the Obamas? What's nice about the show is that I can talk to anyone," Ziwe said in a recent interview with Deadline. "I can talk to 'Duck Dynasty' or the president of Morehouse. I just look forward to meeting new people and having more compelling, interesting conversations and constantly pushing the boundaries."

What is the plot of Ziwe Season 2?

"Ziwe" is a true variety show, featuring everything from sit-down interviews to musical performances to comedy sketches. That means anything is possible in Season 2, but expect the comedian to continue to engage in deliciously awkward social commentary with her guests and push the barriers of how cultural satire is incorporated into late-night TV.

"This is a variety show in the truest sense of the word, because there's music, guests, field pieces, sketches and fake commercials," she told Deadline. "I am just making important work that is hopefully funny, so the show is what you interpret, it fits into several genres. It's stretching the definition of what comedy means." Fans can expect her to also keep tackling thorny issues with unapologetic honesty. "I hope that my show introduces the idea that while talking about race and social issues is uncomfortable, ultimately you won't die," Ziwe said in an interview with InStyle.

Hopefully viewers won't have to wait long to see more provocative, laugh-out-loud "Ziwe" moments, but we have a feeling Season 2 will be definitely be worth the wait.