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Mark Hamill Finally Dishes On The Blue And Green Milk From Star Wars

With a canon that has been tweaked, added to, and subtracted from for several decades, "Star Wars" has grown from an underdog space opera to a multi-faceted media juggernaut. It has sprouted several moving parts and elements that make it look and feel like the real world, despite its events taking place in a galaxy far, far away. It contains governing bodies with thorough operating procedures, organized sports leagues, religious factions rich in lore, and, though hardly ever at the forefront, a variety of different foods and beverages to satisfy the hunger of heroes and villains alike.

Of course, when discussing the fictional menu of the "Star Wars" galaxy, one has to address the odd-colored milk that occupies the cosmos. 1977's "Star Wars" introduced audiences to blue milk first and foremost, which is apparently a common beverage on the Lars family homestead of Tatooine. Come 2018's "The Last Jedi," however, the cobalt-colored drink was joined by another variety, that being the green milk from the Thala-siren of Ahch-To. Naturally, this led to some fun discourse over which is the superior of the two — a debate that could only be settled by one person: Mark Hamill.

In the Luke Skywalker role, Hamill had to take a swig of both varieties, leading fans to call upon him to set the record straight. He recently weighed in and gave as honest of an answer as he could muster.

Hamill's verdict on the milk debate was surprisingly informative

It's no secret that Mark Hamill loves to use social media to have fun, raise awareness for causes he stands for, and connect with fans from across the globe. Although, he's never one to mince words when it comes to his "Star Wars" history either, dishing out behind-the-scenes secrets now and again. In this case, a fan recently asked him over Twitter what the taste difference was between the blue and green milk, and he gave an informative analysis of the two.

"#StarWars-Blue was 'long-life milk' meant for camping trips that needed no refrigeration: warm, sweet & oily," Hamill wrote, accompanied by a sick face and thumb down emoji with "#Yuck." On the subject of the second contender, he said "#LastJedi-Green 'milk' was non-dairy coconut water dyed that color in post-production: cool, tasty & refreshing," with a happy face and thumb up emoji alongside "#Yum." Winner: green milk.

If you ever care to compare the two yourself, the Milk Stand at Disney's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge theme park sells both of them. They're each comprised of a plant-based coconut and rice milk blend with added sweeteners, and can be served in an alcoholic form as well — avoiding the warmth and oily texture Mark Hamill sites as making the original blue milk nigh undrinkable. Cheers!