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Just How Powerful Is Gyro In Hunter X Hunter?

The fifth major story arc in the anime and manga series "Hunter x Hunter" is titled "Chimera Ant," due to the introduction of a species, from which the arc derives its name, capable of killing living beings and rebirthing them as one of their own. Characteristics of their former selves, then, are introduced into the Chimera Ant gene pool. Meruem is the most powerful Chimera Ant, whose battle with Hunter Association Chairman Netero is among the most epic anime fights of the 2010s.

While the heroes of "Hunter x Hunter" face off against a number of formidable foes during the Chimera Ant arc, including Mereum's royal guard, one powerful enemy remains at large upon its conclusion: the mysterious Gyro. The 2011 "Hunter x Hunter" anime devotes practically an entire episode to Gyro's backstory, explaining how his tragic childhood experiences with an abusive father built within him a growing contempt for humanity. As an adult, Gyro became the leader of the Neo-Green Life Autonomous Region, otherwise known as the NGL. While on its surface, the NGL appears to be a state committed to old, naturalistic technology, it also acts as a front for an illicit drug and weapons dealings, over which Gyro also gains control. Upon an invasion of the NGL by the Chimera Ants, Gyro is turned into a Chimera Ant but uncharacteristically retains his human memories and is thus able to maintain his identity with the added strength of his new Chimera Ant form. Following his transformation, he sets out to restart his criminal empire anew.

Specifics about Gyro beyond these are currently scarce, but the little information revealed about him so far suggests that he may be primed to become one of the most powerful villains in the entirety of "Hunter x Hunter."

Gyro is expected to play an important part in Hunter x Hunter's future

One of the few Chimera Ants shown in human form prior to their transformation is Colt, who, as a human, was weak, given that he was but a young boy. As a Chimera Ant, however, Colt becomes extremely powerful. It stands to reason, then, that the mental strength that allowed Gyro to retain his human mind could act as an additional source of power in his new life, making him capable of transcending Colt's and most other Chimera Ants' respective power levels. Even Meruem came not from a particularly powerful human but from an anonymous source, nevertheless resulting in a being supposed to be the most powerful in the species' history. Gyro, by comparison, possesses the strength of a Chimera Ant in addition to his considerable human power, meaning that he's uniquely strong in a manner not seen in any previous Chimera Ant.

Fans of "Hunter x Hunter" generally agree that Gyro will factor into the series' future. While there's debate over whether Gyro might be the series' final villain, simply a future villain, or even a hero, the fact that he was introduced without resolution strongly suggests his return. Given that the strengths of shonen anime characters typically grow as series progress, Gyro will most likely be stronger than any character in the Chimera Ant arc simply by merit of the fact that his reintroduction will inevitably occur during a subsequent story arc. If Gyro isn't, in fact, the final baddie in "Hunter x Hunter," he may not end up being the series' strongest character, but all signs point to him being stronger than most, if not all, other characters introduced thus far.