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A New Loki Featurette Confirms A Huge Detail About Sylvie

If there's one thing the recent batch of Marvel shows on Disney+ has proven, TV is now equally as important to the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the films. From giving Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) her true Scarlet Witch moniker to Falcon (Anthony Mackie) officially donning the moniker of Captain America, the shows have already produced adequate ripple effects for the movies to follow. By all accounts, "Loki" could very well be the most impactful MCU series to date. 

Within the first couple of episodes, the show introduced the Time Variance Authority and explained the concept of a Sacred Timeline. Fans may have assumed "WandaVision" would be the show to blow the multiverse wide open, but depending on how the last few episodes of "Loki" play out, it could set up serious ramifications for Earth's Mightiest Heroes to deal with down the line. 

Most of the chaos in the show comes courtesy of a new version of Loki (Tom Hiddleston), who goes by the name of Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino). Just like the Loki at the center of the show, she's a variant, but she's gone on the run on some grand mission to take down the Time Keepers. The season may be halfway over, but there's still a lot we don't know about this new character. It makes it all the more intriguing that a seemingly important detail about her has just dropped in a behind-the-scenes featurette.

Sophia Di Martino confirms Sylvie is another version of Loki

Contains spoilers for "Loki" Episode 3 and potential future spoilers for the rest of the series

Wherever there are Marvel properties, fan theories are sure to follow. Right now, with "Loki" airing weekly, everyone's trying to figure out the true identity of Sylvie, with many believing she's not actually a Loki. Instead, they assume she's the character Enchantress, who goes by Sylvie Lushton in the comics. There are also several references in Episode 3 about how Sylvie is "enchanting." It all begs the question if her identity isn't as straightforward as Mobius (Owen Wilson) made it seem.

Interestingly enough, things have come in clearer focus with the release of a new featurette from the official "Loki" Twitter. In addition to showing brief glimpses of future episodes, the clip also has Sophie Di Martino offering this tidbit: "It was really helpful to listen to Tom talking about the mischief because she's another version of Loki." The quote seems to confirm that she is, in fact, a variant of Loki and not a completely different character. 

Granted, the quote could be a misdirect to throw audiences off the scent, but it would make sense, especially given the scene we witness later in the featurette. For a brief moment, we see TVA agents bring a young girl through a portal. She could very well be a younger version of Sylvie, who's taken into the TVA when she's still at a young age. As we advance, we may receive her backstory and better understand why she hates the Time Keepers so much.