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Black Widow Will Finally Reveal The Story Behind This MCU Line

Black Widow, aka Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson), debuted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe back in 2010. "Iron Man 2" introduced us to the highly-skilled SHIELD agent, who used to be a KGB black-ops assassin. Over the last 10 years, we've learned a good bit about Natasha's backstory, mainly how she was recruited at a young age to train in the Soviet-era Red Room program, which led to her dangerous career before becoming an Avenger.

Not much is known about Natasha's life before she was recruited to work for SHIELD, which was done with the help of Hawkeye, aka Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner). Her early years working for the organization are also a mystery, but a famous line in 2012's first "Avengers" movie gave some insight into a mission she and Clint participated in. When the agents were battling the Chitarui army in the Battle of New York, Natasha yells to her friend, "Just like Budapest all over again!" After Clint mentions that he and Natasha remember Budapest "very differently," fans were left wondering what the heck happened on this mysterious mission. What was once a throwaway line was now a major topic of discussion among the MCU fandom. What happened in the Hungarian capital was never revealed after "The Avengers," but that's all about to change in "Black Widow."

Black Widow will reveal what happened in Budapest

It looks like we'll finally have an answer to what went down in Budapest all those years ago, but fans shouldn't expect it to be a major plot point in "Black Widow." In a press kit release for the movie, Scarlett Johansson revealed we'll be given some significant insight (via The Direct). "When we first started talking about locations — back when everything was possible — we all agreed that we had to find out what happened in Budapest," she said. The actress went on to say that Natasha has a "sense of doom" surrounding her, and "it all stems from what happened in Budapest."

While Johansson clarified that the film won't revolve around what happened in Budapest, it'll explain why she carries such a burden. "What leads her to Budapest is a very important MacGuffin with a clue that reminds her of her past — a sign that comes from Yelena, who she realizes is in Budapest. They haven't seen each other for 20 years." A question over nine years in the making will finally be answered, and MCU fans will no longer have to wonder what happened with Natasha and Clint all those years ago in eastern Europe.