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The Borderlands Movie Has Hit A Major Production Milestone

So, you want to hear a story, eh? Over the last decade or so, Gearbox's "Borderlands" series has exploded, sort of like a pink bunny stuffy full of C4. There are currently four main-series games, a pile of mobile spinoffs, enough DLC to choke a bullymong (name pending) and every possible configuration of plastic that could be passingly mistaken for a Claptrap unit, available for purchase at your local wherever.

And one day, there will be a movie — an Eli Roth-helmed adaptation of the beloved franchise, replete with big names and, presumably, even bigger guns. Kevin Hart will be there. So will Jamie Lee Curtis and Cate Blanchett and Gina Gershon and, at least vocally, Jack Black. We know that it's on its way. It's probably practically here already.

Or at least it's getting closer, as the production's official Twitter page took time on June 22 to announce that the "Borderlands" movie has just hit a crucial benchmark. As with all important announcements, the news was heralded by a frantically waving Claptrap. You can hear his voice in your head already, can't you?

The Borderlands movie just got that much closer

"Claptrap really wanted to let you all know he made it down the stairs safely," the @BorderlandsFilm Twitter account posted, along with a picture of everyone's favorite hyperverbal unicycle robot box thing. Then, importantly, they added: "That, and the production of #BorderlandsMovie has officially wrapped! See you at the theaters in" followed by the number 20 and a pair of achingly nonspecific bomb emojis.

Yes, after just shy of three months of shooting, it appears that "Borderlands" has finished its first round of production. With any luck, this development is just the first rumble in an avalanche of news that will pour out of Gearbox and Lionsgate in the coming months. Character posters, teaser stills, a fully produced trailer, and a veritable Pandoran vault full of psych-up material could be just around the corner. Until then, we'll all just have to battle with the giant calamari vault monster of stoic patience for a little while longer.