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What Is The Song In The Oreo 'Demonstration' Commercial?

There's nothing sweeter in life than pulling apart an Oreo and dunking it in a cold glass of milk. Whether you enjoy combining Oreos to create quadruple-stuffed cookies or enjoy licking the inner filling out first before turning your attention to the wafers, there's no wrong way to eat an Oreo. The treats have been going strong for over a century at this point, and every generation has fond memories of the dessert. 

That's the theme of the latest Oreo commercial going around the airwaves. The ad puts a coronavirus twist on the proceedings, showing a young boy and his grandfather sharing cookies over a virtual chat. The two laugh together as the grandpa shows the best way to dunk the snacks. It just shows how there's plenty for the older generations to teach the youngsters these days. 

It's all accompanied by a song that has an almost timeless quality to it. Regardless of age, you can always snap your fingers with "All Because of You" by Tee Fletcher.

Tee Fletcher is an overlooked figure in the Southern sound

The name "Tee Fletcher" may not immediately ring any bells, but he was one of the most brilliant songwriters to come out of the 1960s. According to his biography on Last.FM, Thomas "Tee" Fletcher got his start in the music industry in Atlanta after he met Jesse Jones in 1968. He began writing songs for numerous locals, including Jimmy Tig, Richard Marks, and Larry James, but on top of that, he would perform under the name "Tee."

He recorded several of his own songs, but none of them ever really caught on with the national zeitgeist. Still, he was a beloved figure in the South, especially when it came to his stirring funk-infused "All Because of You." The song has received some new life thanks to its prominent placement in the recent Oreo ad, but you can also find it on several film soundtracks. It pops up during a scene in "Miss Stevens," a film that includes some early performances from Timothée Chalamet and Lili Reinhart.

It's fantastic to see an artist as talented as Tee Fletcher finally have a moment in the sun. His music reverberates with the influence of classic Americana, so make sure to check out some of his other songs like "Down in the Country" and "Happy Loving You" on whatever music streaming app you have.