Here's What Rick And Morty Viewers Have Noticed About This Specific Clock

Adult Swim's "Rick and Morty" is a show with a lot going on, and it's amazing just how much the writers and creators manage to squeeze into a 20-minute episode. Equal parts hilarious, absurd, and imaginative, every "Rick and Morty" episode thus far has revolved around some mind-boggling scenario, and has offered a perfect mix of intelligent storytelling and toilet humor. The characters have traversed the weirdest corners of the universe — encountering everything from bizarre alien creatures to talking cats with dark secrets along the way. Every adventure is a surprise, and despite the series' tendency to load each one with pop culture references and homages, "Rick and Morty" has solidified itself as one of the most original cartoons out there at the moment.

Of course, the show's outlandish concepts and zany humor make it easy for fans to miss smaller details that linger in the background. While "Rick and Morty" strives for high-concept hilarity, it doesn't neglect the down-to-earth moments that some viewers probably won't think twice about while they're concentrating on talking pickles and other oddities. 

Fortunately, "Rick and Morty" also benefits from having passionate fans who've watched every episode multiple times, noticing the little things that can be easy to overlook at first glance. This brings us to the mysterious clock in "Rick and Morty."

The clock has changed time on only one occasion

There are plenty of weird gadgets in Rick Sanchez's (voiced by series co-creator Justin Roiland) garage, so the clock on the wall is far from the most remarkable decoration in the place. In fact, there really doesn't appear to be anything special about the time-telling device other than the fact that it's almost always set to the time of 2 o'clock. The most natural explanation is that the clock is broken and Rick hasn't gotten around to fixing it because he's always busy working on his groundbreaking inventions. But this is "Rick and Morty," and nothing is ever that simple, is it?

As Comic Book Resources points out, the clock is set to one hour later, 3 o'clock, in the "Anatomy Park" episode of Season 1, suggesting that it might work after all. Considering that "Rick and Morty" is quite meticulous in its attention to detail, this likely isn't an accident on the creators' part. 

It might mean something, but fans are still trying that part out. Then again, "Rick and Morty" is a show that takes great pleasure in making viewers overthink meaningless things for the sake of it, so the clock situation might not be worth wasting too much mental energy on.