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Wunmi Mosaku Reveals What Makes Her Loki Character Unique - Exclusive Interview

"Loki" features a brand new character, not just for the series but for the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Hunter B-15, played by Wunmi Mosaku. Hunter B-15 isn't based on any comics character — she's a completely original creation, one that provided an interesting and fun challenge for Mosaku.

A product of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Mosaku had a substantial career in England before making her name in America last year in "Lovecraft Country." As such, Hunter B-15 might be her most high-profile role yet — a jump made easier by the fact that she met half the cast in drama school.

Looper spoke with Mosaku before the debut of "Loki" Episode 1. She told us about how welcome she felt at such a big production, what it was like working with people she admired at RADA, and what it was like playing Loki opposite Tom Hiddleston himself in Episode 2.

Joining the MCU

Hunter B-15 is a completely original character, which is a little bit of a new thing for Marvel. What's it like coming in with a new character, no background, no comic story to speak of?

It's fun. You don't feel this pressure of "I hope the fans like it and agree" and whatever. You get the freedom to just make it come to life how you feel is best. You've got the script, obviously, as your outline and then you do the rest. Yeah. It was really fun. [Laughs]

So, I'm guessing you've seen most, if not all, of the MCU movies by now. What's it like to join one of the biggest franchises out there?

Yeah. I mean, I don't like to think of things in those huge terms like that, because it's quite intimidating. And the great thing about Marvel, actually, is when you join them, you don't feel like, "Oh my God, I'm in Marvel. And I'm so small and they're so big." They actually make you feel right at home.

So I don't think of it like that because they made me feel so welcome and so at ease. And especially someone like Tom, who I actually already knew from drama school. He was my third year when I was first year at RADA. And I knew Gugu as well. So I walked into that room feeling like I had friends and family already.

But yeah. Then all the guys, all the execs and writers, were just really easy. So it doesn't feel as intimidating as it sounds when you put it like that.

A RADA reunion and playing Loki opposite Loki

So you said you actually knew Tom before coming into this. Tell me a little bit more about that, what it was like back then.

Yeah, I went to RADA 2004 and he graduated 2005, so I had a whole year of watching him from age 18, watching him doing all of his shows. And yeah, we got on really well, actually, at drama school. I do remember him being really friendly and really lovely. And he's not changed one bit. He's just as friendly and lovely as he always has been.

So, what's it like being opposite him in a scene, then? This has got to be one of the first times you've really been able to do that.

Oh yeah. This is the first time. It's interesting. When you go to drama school and you have people who were above you that you've always watched and you look up to. It's nerve-wracking, being in a scene with them. It's different if it's someone who's younger than you, or from a lower year group from you. But when you're looking at someone who you really looked up to, it's nerve-wracking.

But again, Tom is so easy. He's so sweet that, like he and I would run lines. He would run my lines with me over and over again. And that's not normal on any shoot, to be honest. To get another actor to run your lines with you, that doesn't really happen.

That's the kind of homework that it's so boring that no other actor ever wants to do. But Tom is so gracious and really just wants everyone to do well. So then, yeah, you're running your lines with him and then you go on set with him. And then it's just like, oh, it's so much more easier because we're doing this together.

And there's one scene in particular, in the second episode where you become Loki. And what's it like being Loki, opposite Loki?

Great. Just fun. I mean, it's an actor's dream because you're playing another character. You get to test your skills and get the affirmation from the person who knows the character the most. And you get little secrets of what he thinks is Loki-esque. And then, you get to put in your thing of what you think is Loki-esque and you put it together. And yeah, it's fun.

What makes B-15 unique

This character has a certain no-nonsense attitude that I think is comparable to Ruby from "Lovecraft Country." Were there any previous roles that inspired this one?

I feel like B-15 is so different from anyone I've ever played. She doesn't pull punches. She's very powerful and is completely in tune with her power and doesn't shy away from it. I think it's not an attribute that a lot of people really have.

A lot of people play small all the time. And a lot of people try to just play nice to skirt around awkward situations, and B-15's not that. So I think she's very different and very original from most people because she's just authentically her. And doesn't try and shape-shift for anyone.

I'm guessing a lot of this is NDAed up, but what can you tell me about what's coming next for your character?

The TVA, more TVA stuff. Yeah. I mean, I can't tell you. I mean, you just have to watch and see. I mean, you don't want it to be spoiled, do you?

What do you want people to take away from "Loki"?

I want people to be inspired to think about what is good, what is bad? Who is good? Can you truly be good, truly be bad? Do we have free will? Is it predestined? Yeah, I want people to feel challenged by that, by these questions.

Is there anything you want to bring up that I haven't asked about yet?

I really just want to say I love my cast. They're just the best. Gugu, Owen, everyone. Just everyone's just the best. They're just the sweetest and I really, really enjoyed working with everyone.

"Loki" is streaming on Disney+.