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Shimoneta Season 2 - What We Know So Far

The world is filled with plenty of anime series, but the anime genre is much more diverse than casual fans may think. Although there's plenty of action and fantasy series in the world of Japanese animation, there are also more lighthearted shows that deal with other topics of importance to Japan and their creators.

"Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist," or "Shimoneta" for short, is set in a dystopian future where the Japanese government has cracked down on language and behavior that it views as immoral. Every Japanese citizen is forced to wear a tracker that monitors their language and movements. The series follows one boy who is ultimately forced to join a terrorist organization intent on protesting the restrictions that the Japanese government put in place. Following the series first season, many are wondering when a second season "Shimoneta" may be available both in Japan and in the US.

When's the release date for Shimoneta Season 2?

There's been no announcement of a second season for "Shimoneta," and it's possible that the show will never return. The first season originally aired in 2015, so it's been quite a while since the show's creative team was collaborating on the project. The show hasn't been explicitly canceled, however, so there's still a possibility that "Shimoneta" will return someday. 

Japanese anime doesn't follow the same strict TV schedule that many American shows do. Instead, it's possible for creative teams to take a break and work on other projects before returning to projects like "Shimoneta." Although it's unclear whether the series will ever return, fans are eager to learn more about the world that the series is set in and its characters. If more "Shimoneta" is in the offing, it's unclear when exactly it would be released, and when it would be made available in a dubbed form for American audiences. 

Who's in the cast of Shimoneta Season 2?

Like many anime series, "Shimoneta" has two voice casts: one for the original Japanese version of the show, and another for English-speaking audiences. Unfortunately, Miyu Matsuki, the actress who played Anna in the Japanese version, died shortly after the first season of the show was released (via Anime News Network). That may be one of the reasons there's been no news about a second season of the show. 

Although Matsuki's death is a tragedy, it's likely that the show's creators could find a replacement to voice Anna if they wanted to proceed with another season of the show. If the show were to return for a second season, the rest of the principal cast (via IMDb) would likely return, including Yūsuke Kobayashi as Tanukichi Okuma and Shizuka Ishigami as Ayame Kajô for the Japanese version, and Josh Grelle (Tanukichi Okuma), Jamie Marchi (Ayame Kajô), and Monica Rial (Anna) for the English-language version. The show would likely be dubbed in Japanese before being translated into English.

What is the plot of Shimoneta Season 2?

Because the show has not been renewed, there are no official details on what the second season's plot might be. The first season ran for 12 episodes, and covered volumes one and two of the light novel that the series was adapted from. There were 12 total novels in the series, so if the series were to return for another season, it would have plenty of material to cover. 

The first season of the show ends with the discovery of an old mansion that's filled with graphic, vulgar treasures. All of the show's core characters vow that these treasures will one day make their way back into the world, offering writers who might tackle the project plenty of potential for future stories. There's tons of material available, but it's unclear whether there's enough willingness to create additional episodes of the series. Until that decision is made, fans will have to content themselves with the 12 episodes they have.