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The First Teaser For American Horror Stories Will Freak You Out

The "American Horror Story" franchise is about to make your summer even hotter than it was before. 

The tenth season, "American Horror Story: Double Feature," began filming in December of last year (via Digital Spy) and is set to premiere August 25 (via TV Line), but a new spin-off, "American Horror Stories," is also coming. According to a new teaser posted on the official American Horror Story Twitter, the show starts on July 15, which is an unusually early date for a franchise which typically begins its seasons in the autumn months, and ahead of Season 10's August 25 start date.

According to Deadline, "American Horror Stories" will feature Kevin McHale, Dyllón Burnside, Charles Melton, Nico Greetham, and Danny Trejo. Fans of the "American Horror Story" franchise were already expecting a wild ride, and the new teaser indicates they're definitely in for one.

How hard will you freak out over this teaser? Keep scrolling to find out.

Snakes and crosses and scythes, oh my

As shown in the video teaser, "American Horror Stories" will reflect the franchise's typical penchant for horrific mayhem. Blood-red and black are the dominant colors in the trailer. Quick flashes of snakes, floating women, a rugged burning cross with human remains strapped to it, and a woman with antlers on her head standing before a roaring fire can be seen. Scythes and knives and flash by, and a distorted logo is seen as a woman whispers the phrase "American Horror Stories." Making up the word "stories" are a red snake, a burning cornstalk crucifix, a red circle with two hands desperately pressing against the center, looping temporary restraint handcuffs, a knife, a whiff of smoke, and what looks sort of like the curled-up body of an alien. Those images quickly flicker and transform warping into nothingness.

It's definitely an eerie image that evokes the "AHS" penchant for terror and is just mysterious enough to make viewers wonder what to expect. Fans will find out just what sort of spooky shenanigans they're in for when the show debuts July 15.