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Here's Where You Can Watch The Parent Trap 2

The phrase "'The Parent Trap' is a childhood favorite" may well apply to you whether you're 15, 25, or 65 years old. Younger viewers think first of the Lindsay Lohan-starring 1998 Nancy Meyers comedy when they hear the title, but "The Parent Trap" was, in fact, a remake of an even older Disney film.

The original 1961 version, adapted and directed by David Swift from the German children's book "Lottie and Lisa" by Erich Kästner, starred Hayley Mills in the dual leading role, and had the same general premise of two identical girls meeting at a summer camp, discovering they were twins, and setting out to bring their long-divorced parents back together. Some of the details were different: The mother and father of Sharon and Susan, played by Brian Keith and Maureen O'Hara, were both American, for one. But the remake was incredibly faithful in other respects, right down to the central part taking place during a camping trip in which the girls terrorize their father's golddigger bride.

Much like the 1998 version, the original "Parent Trap" was a hit in theaters and an even bigger hit on TV broadcasts. As a result, it spurred a trilogy of television sequels in the '80s, focusing on the grown-up Susan Evers and Sharon McKendrick (still played by Mills) and their own families. The second movie, in particular, was a huge hit for the Disney Channel and is still considered a childhood classic by many '70s and '80s kids to this day. Here's where you can watch it now.

The Parent Trap II is only available on DVD

Unless you happen to be lucky enough to catch a rerun of "The Parent Trap II" on the Disney Channel, there's only one legal way to watch the movie at present: by purchasing its DVD.

The information comes from the official Disney website, which doesn't list streaming or Blu-Ray among the viewing options for "The Parent Trap II" — unlike the pages of the original and the 1998 remake, both of which include "Stream on Disney+" links. On Amazon, both "The Parent Trap" and "The Parent Trap II" are bundled together as part of the "Parent Trap Two-Movie Collection" DVD, currently going for $7.69.

While it seems strange that Disney would — at least for the time being — neglect to include one of its most nostalgic TV hits in the Disney+ vault, that's less puzzling when you consider that there's a whole host of Disney Channel movies from the '80s that haven't made their way to any streaming services yet. Even so, one of the Disney+ original projects currently in development is reportedly a reboot of "The Parent Trap" –  details and release date TBA (via The Hollywood Reporter) — and it would make sense for the platform to drum up anticipation for it as best it could. As such, we won't be surprised if the three Hayley Mills-starring "Parent Trap" sequels eventually pop up in the Disney+ catalog at some point in the future.