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Godzilla Singular Point - What We Know So Far

Before Anime took over as Japan's primary media export, the title belonged to a different genre. From Godzilla's humble origins in the 1950s, kaiju films took the world by storm and made the massive, plasma-spitting lizard an international icon. Now, it seems as though Toho — the owners of the "Godzilla" brand — have decided to fuse the old and the new. Their latest endeavor in the franchise is called "Godzilla Singular Point," and it may be the first full-blown "Godzilla" anime series.

Granted, this wouldn't be the first time "Godzilla" and anime have crossed paths. In 2017 and 2018, Netflix released three original 3D animated "Godzilla" films rendered in an anime art style. The films received mixed reviews, with the lowest-rated being its second entry, "Godzilla: City On The Edge Of Battle" (via Rotten Tomatoes). With "Singular Point,” however, things are a bit different. Rather than a trilogy of movies, it's an actual season of episodic anime produced by Toho Animation.

Of course, there's a lot to unpack regarding "Godzilla Singular Point." It includes plot elements of the entire Godzilla-verse, and has some pretty heavy themes regarding free will and the struggle to find meaning in a deterministic universe. The series format also allows room to juggle more characters, both human and kaiju, than almost any other "Godzilla" property preceding it. Thankfully, it's the perfect time to discuss these things, since Netflix is gearing up to release the show's first season very soon. 

Here is what we know so far about "Godzilla Singular Point."

When will Godzilla Singular Point hit Netflix?

Technically, "Godzilla Singular Point" has already been released. Unlike many anime, which are released internationally around the same time as their Japanese debut, Toho and Netflix have decided to stagger the show's international premiere. According to Anime News Network, Japanese audiences have been privy to "Singular Point" since late March. Furthermore, you can find most of the series' episodes with full subtitles (though these may be fan-made) on some of the more legally-gray anime streaming websites. 

Thankfully, you won't have to break the law in order to watch "Singular Point" much longer. The international release date is right around the corner, with the show coming to Netflix on June 24. The show will debut with both Japanese and English localizations, making "Godzilla Singular Point" more accessible to viewers of all stripes outside Japan. At this time, it is unknown whether Netflix intends to release each episode of the anime's single season in sequence or all at once.

Who are the characters in Godzilla Singular Point?

According to Deadline, "Godzilla Singular Point" focuses on two main human characters (in addition to everyone's favorite eponymous lizard). The first, is a genius female scholar named Mei Kamino researching a mysterious molecule known as "The Archetype." At some point, a "mysterious song" unites her with an engineer named Yun Arikawa — who helped construct the massive mecha Jet Jaguar.

The footage shown in Netflix's official trailer indicates that the two's respective projects bring them both into conflict with Godzilla and other kaiju. Of course, it's the kaiju who are really the stars of the show, and the trailer shows us a few classic "Godzilla" figures. As previously mentioned, Jet Jaguar (though technically a mecha, not a kaiju) will appear throughout the show. We also get some good looks at the spiny armadillo kaiju, Anguirus, and some tentacles that may belong to Biolante.

Aside from that, the rest of the show's kaiju appear to be original designs for this anime. These include some pterodactyl-like creatures, a massive arachnid, and a large, horned lizard. Hopefully, "Godzilla Singular Point" has a few more kaiju in store once it finally releases.

What is the story of Godzilla Singular Point?

When student Mei Kamino teams up with engineer Yun Arikawa after a strange song draws them together, the two endeavor to save the world from various kaiju-related catastrophes. Arikawa, who helped construct the mecha Jet Jaguar, fights the beasts on the front lines. Meanwhile, Kamino is in the midst of researching a strange molecule called The Archetype.

As the story unfolds, the main characters learn of some type of universe-ending cataclysm that The Archetype may be the key to averting. They also discover that certain kaiju, mainly Anguirus, may be gaining the ability to see the future. Stuck in a deterministic path, the heroes struggle against all odds to survive, as kaiju and armageddon stand against them. 

This is a fitting, somewhat philosophical, story premise for a new anime in the "Godzilla" franchise. Hopefully, Toho Animation delivers in this upcoming show that is sure to excite kaiju, mecha, and anime fans across the world.