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Iron Fist Featurette Delves Deeper Into Danny Rand

Who is Danny Rand? A new featurette for the upcoming Netflix show is providing a little more information on the final Defender.

The featurette introduces Danny (Finn Jones), beginning with his life after the plane crash that killed his parents. Stranded at a monastery in the remote mountains, Danny learns how to tap into the fire of the fist, a force that runs through the universe.

"Cast away your childish needs," he is told.

It then moves into Danny's life after he decides to return to New York, where he is shocked to find that his childhood friends Ward (Tom Pelphrey) and Joy (Jessica Stroup) are now billionaires in charge of his father's corporation.

"Danny has been told his whole life that there's a mythological dark force in the world, and he didn't really believe that they were real," Jones said. However, the featurette immediately makes it clear that the dark force is, in fact real, and it has infested Danny's father's company.

"Who knows who the good guy is gonna be?" Jones teased. "The show just hits you full throttle."

The featurette does, indeed, show more of the full throttle action shown in the trailer and in the first clip from the show, providing a number of new fight scene snippets while also highlighting Danny's internal struggle. According to Jones, Danny is torn between his desire to do good and his powers. "Danny just wants to do the right thing, but he has this fire in him," said Jones.

Iron Fist premieres on March 17. Scott Buck (Dexter) serves as showrunner, while Jessica Henwick, Rosario Dawson, Carrie-Anne Moss, and David Wenham also star. While we wait for the show to premiere, read up on what we can expect.