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Who AHS Fans Think Would Win A Fight Between Tate And Kai

Given the anthology nature of FX's "American Horror Story," settings and character from season to season generally vary significantly. As a result, series mainstay Evan Peters has portrayed a wide variety of characters over the course of his "American Horror Story" tenure. Furthermore, Evan Peters' AHS characters tend to fall on extreme ends of the good-and-evil spectrum. For example, in "Freak Show," the series' fourth season, Peters portrays a goodhearted boy with a condition called Ectrodactyly that changes the shapes of his hands, thus granting him the role of "lobster boy" in the titular freak show. By contrast, in Season 5, "Hotel," Peters plays an outright serial killer modeled after real-life criminal H.H. Holmes.

A recent thread on the "American Horror Story" subreddit asked users who would win in a fight between Kai Anderson (from Season 7, "Cult") and Tate Langdon (from Season 1, "Murder House"), both unequivocally evil Evan Peters characters. While the results of an attached poll determined a winner, some ensuing comments make the answer slightly more complicated.

Tate would have a better chance of winning in his ghost form

In their original post, Reddit user u/New-Monitor7273 asked who members of the "American Horror Story" subreddit thought would win in "a straight fight" between Kai and Tate, in the event that both were "very angry" and in a fighting mood. They added the caveat that the fight would technically be impossible, given that both characters died in different locations and can therefore not overlap in their afterlives, and asked users to instead imagine a scenario in which such a fight might transpire. A total of 249 Reddit users voted for who they thought would win under those conditions. Kai came out as the victor, receiving 142 votes compared to Tate's 107.

Though Kai — a maniacal cult leader in "American Horror Story" Season 7 — was crowned the fight's winner, the two most-upvoted comments in the Reddit thread argue that Tate would win ... if he's in his ghost form. In the series' first season, Tate is revealed to be the ghost of a young man who committed a mass shooting at his high school, and who claimed to be driven to murder by the devil. A number of users argued that while he was alive, Tate was merely a high school boy, and thus wouldn't stand a chance against Kai, a grown adult with violent, aggressive tendencies. As a ghost, however, Tate is supernaturally powerful and could overtake the human Kai.

In the end, however, the poll results don't lie. Despite a number of comments to the contrary, the definitive winner in the hypothetical Peters-character-versus-Peters-character bout would be cult leader Kai Anderson.