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When Will We Get A Sequel To Fire Emblem: Three Houses?

"Fire Emblem: Three Houses" was a record-breaking title for Nintendo. According to Nintendo Life, "Three Houses" was the best-selling title in the series of tactical RPGs despite its tiny font problem.

The critically-acclaimed game (via Metacritic) was a truly unique experience for the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo showed the game off almost a year before it was released, giving fans plenty of time to get excited. The experience of teaching students and joining a full-blown war between those students was paired with an outstanding storyline that kept people invested. The game stuck with players, and between the four different storylines, people invested hundreds of hours into the game, as noted by HowLongToBeat.com.

Now that it's been a couple of years since the game was released, fans are starting to wonder if the game will see a sequel. It might be confusing, but it's clear that the "Fire Emblem" series needs some kind of installment to follow up on the success of "Three Houses." As it appears, there could already be a sequel of sorts for the game — at least on a timeline. 

The idea that Fire Emblem: Three Houses might have a sequel

Considering there are over a dozen "Fire Emblem" games that bounce around a timeline, it's very likely that "Three Houses" already has a sequel. There's no official timeline, and fans are split on how the actual one should look like. However, The Leaderboard has a YouTube video with some solid evidence about what a correct timeline looks like.

Basically, the maps in all "Fire Emblem" games exist in the same world, and some of the games take place on the same maps. This is particularly evident in "Shadow Dragon" and "Mystery of the Emblem," both of which feature Marth. However, in those games, Marth has contact with characters on the continent that "Shadows of Valentia" is set on.

It can be a bit confusing, but the idea is that the titles all connect in one way or another, stemming from a war between dragons thousands of years before the games take place. Because there's no official timeline, there are questions about whether or not "Three Houses" fits into one of the three main continents' timelines. 

One argument from TalesofDerve on a GameFaqs forum mentioned that the layout of the map is very similar to Tellius, the map in "Path of Radiance" and "Radiant Dawn." Again, this isn't official, but the games could be related on a timeline.

What a sequel for Fire Emblem: Three Houses could look like

Nintendo Prime, a YouTube news account, discussed a surprising rumor in April 2021 — "Path of Radiance" and "Radiant Dawn" are rumored to be remade and released on the Switch. Considering that the maps for the two games and that of "Three Houses" resemble each other, this could point to the fact that the games are related.

That's one way "Three Houses" could get a sequel. There's also the idea of direct sequels to the various storylines in the game. In a Reddit thread, user Benny asked what people would think about a sequel to "Three Houses," and the answers were pretty widespread. Benny mentioned in the original post that it would be interesting to have a prequel that tells the story of Fodlan, or even a sequel that follows a character, giving the example of Claude as he spends time in Almyra.

One user, Rhea, was quick to point out that in order to have a sequel, its creators would have to choose a canon ending to the game. However, Rhea mentioned a prequel that follows the stories of Sothis, Seiros, and the Agarthans would be fun. This seemed to be the general consensus on the thread.

Whether or not there's a sequel on the way, Nintendo probably isn't done with the "Fire Emblem" series. The only question is how a new game would tie into "Three Houses."