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The Relationship Rom-Com Hidden Gem You Can Catch On Netflix

Listen, you don't necessarily need a movie to tell you that work stress can put a lot of strain on a relationship. But that doesn't mean there aren't still lessons to be learned. That seems to be the ethos of the South Korean romantic comedy "Sweet & Sour." This Netflix original was added to the streamer in June and is the perfect bit of light and breezy viewing for fans of the genre.

Young couple Jang-hyuk (Jang Ki-yong) and Da-eun (Chae Soo-bin) met when the former was admitted to the hospital during a wellness crisis and the latter helped nurse him back to health. After Jang-hyuk recovers, he and Da-eun begin dating in earnest, as there is an undeniable attraction between the two.

However, that all becomes complicated when Jang-hyuk takes a job in Seoul that could help launch his career but requires a grueling commute. The long hours quickly put a strain on the couple's relationship, something that isn't helped by Jang-hyuk's flirtations with his ambitious and charming co-worker, Bo-yeong (Krystal Jung).

While this may sound like a fairly typical rom-com setup, "Sweet & Sour" tweaks the formula by adding an unexpected twist ending to the mix. And while professional critics had some issues with the movie, they seem to agree that it's enjoyable viewing for those with a fondness for a good rom-com.

What critics have to say about Sweet & Sour

There have only been a handful of critics reviews for "Sweet & Sour," and while few were blown away by the film, many agreed that there's enough there for rom-com fans to hit play.

One of the film's biggest draws is its twist ending. Even though some critics didn't think the revelation paid off in the end, they still appreciated the effort to give audiences something to remember. Writing for Ready Steady Cut, Michael Frank wrote of the film's shocking ending, "it deserves credit for laying down clues that even the most dedicated movie sleuths likely won't follow. In this case, it doesn't matter if the ending is earned because this brand of film rarely takes a swing by the time the credits roll."

Greg Wheeler of The Review Geek had a similar take on the movie. "Just when the film feels like it's going the conventional rom-com route, 'Sweet & Sour' throws in an unexpected twist an hour into the run-time – and another near the end that really spices things up," they wrote. They also had praise for the inclusion of what they referred to as "some pretty thought provoking ideas about overworking and the mental strain of the never-ending rat race."

Over at NME, Rhian Daly criticized the film's pacing and script, but singled out Krystal Jung's performance, writing that the actor and pop singer "fills the character with a ruthless determination, but also hints of desperation."

Ultimately, they concluded, "If you're looking for a sweet but sorrowful Korean film about the pressures of modern life and the impact they can have on our day-to-day existence, 'Sweet & Sour' will tick a lot of those boxes for you."

You can check out "Sweet & Sour" on Netflix.