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What Is The Song In The Sprite 'Dreams' Commercial?

Ever since it launched in 2019, the Sprite "Thirst For Yours" campaign has leveraged the massive financial power of The Coca-Cola Company to help spotlight Black voices and assist young creatives in reaching their audiences. The campaign kicked off as a sponsor of the 2019 BET Awards and later contributed $500,000 to the Black Lives Matter Global Network as the world grappled with racial inequality through protests in 2020, as explained on The Coca-Cola Company blog.

Now, one of the newest "Thirst For Yours" ads realigns the campaign's message with the place where it started, focusing closely on four Black artists and highlighting their mission to continue to create during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. In the 30-second spot, viewers see a fashion designer sewing a dress, a dancer practicing choreography, a singer writing down lyrics, as well as a rapper making music in his bedroom.

While the ad is fairly brief, it does makes a point to offer a hopeful snapshot into the lives of four young dreamers ... while, of course, also highlighting the apparent influence of Sprite on the creative process. All in all, it makes for a reasonably tasteful spot, with a positive message at its core, not to mention some wonderful imagery and music setting the stage. 

Here is the song featured in the Sprite "Dreams" commercial, as well as some other details about the spot.

The song featured in the Sprite commercial is called Dreams

While neither Coca-Cola nor the advertising company behind the "Thirst For Yours" campaign, Weiden+Kennedy, have given many official details about the ad, the Shazam app identifies the song as being titled "Dreams" by Loz, from the EP "Cold i the Shade.". The Shazam listing also includes a YouTube link to the full version of the song.

That's great news for everyone you liked the song. Unfortunately, on the other hand, listeners will have a hard time finding much more information about LOZ. However, the poem spoken over the music comes from a very identifiable and notable individual, Langston Hughes. The eight-line poem, which is also titled "Dreams," is recited in its entirety.

In addition, iSpot.tv includes some additional information about the artists featured in the "Dreams" commercial. The advertisement features singer Amindi, rapper and producer Choker, fashion designer Akua Shabak, and performance artist Jamal Wade.