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Logan Will Have A Post-Credit Scene Added

The new X-Men spinoff film Logan has been getting rave reviews from critics, but it turns out there's one thing all those reviewers didn't actually get to see.

Collider reports 20th Century Fox will be adding a post-credit scene to Logan before the theatrical release on March 3, though one was not included in any of the early press screenings. It's not known if the scene will come in the middle of the credits, or at the end of the film, but the report claims 100 percent certainty that the film will absolutely feature a post-credit scene.

So, what is it? That's the big question. Fox has previously used its post-credit scenes to tease films outside that direct series (like setting up X-Men: Days of Future Past in the post-credit scene of The Wolverine), and also direct sequels (i.e. Deadpool 2 getting the Ferris Bueller set-up at the end of Deadpool). Not to mention it could just be an extra scene tied to the film itself (i.e. the shawarma scene at the end of The Avengers). So, there are a lot of potential options here.

There are several X-Men films in various stages of development, though there aren't really any actually shooting at this point. So, if we're talking about a teaser scene, that could be a tough sell. Fox is working to get a New Mutants movie off the ground, along with Deadpool 2, the delayed Gambit spinoff with Channing Tatum, and a straight-up X-Men sequel focused on the Dark Phoenix saga. So, Fox could certainly be setting up any one of those projects. There's also the chance that Fox could even have a mystery X-Men project in development, and this could set that up (maybe one more appearance for Jackman's Wolverine?). But, you also have to take into account that Logan is set a decade in the future beyond the modern day, so any connective tissue could get a bit confusing (especially with the mainline X-Men films still technically set in the past).

Regardless, be sure to stay after the credits, because Fox is working to keep whatever it is a secret.