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Watch Ryan Gosling Play Piano In La La Land BTS Clip

Filmgoers who went ga-ga over Ryan Gosling in Damien Chazelle's dazzling musical La La Land have just gotten a behind the scenes look at the actor's piano skills, and they're pretty impressive.

The exclusive clip (provided to Variety) shows Gosling tickling the ivories between and during film takes, proving that the three months he spent learning the musical skill were well worth it and that all piano work shown in La La Land is entirely him. Director and screenwriter Damien Chazelle put rumors of a possible hand double to rest when he stated, "It's all Ryan." Though the minds behind one of 2016's best films did intend to have an extra set of hands (pun intended) on deck, they quickly realized Gosling's polished talent and ended up never needing their Plan B man for backup.

Key moments shown in the BTS video include Gosling suited up as his character Sebastian Wilder at his on-screen sister's wedding, during an in-film live performance of "Start a Fire" with John Legend, and in shorter breaks between bigger scenes. Take a look for yourself above, but be prepared to possibly swoon.

With a Best Actor nomination at the upcoming Academy Awards tucked under his belt, it looks like Gosling's seemingly effortless skills at the baby grand paid him back in kind. It sure helped influence the popularity of La La Land overall, and we predict it might even make musicals cool again.