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The Intense Robert Pattinson Movie You Have To Watch On Amazon Prime

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Over the course of his acting career, Robert Pattinson has successfully transitioned from being primarily known as a teen heartthrob into landing lead performances in artistic, critically-lauded films. 

Pattinson's first two prominent roles were in movies based on popular books. First, he played a supporting role in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" as Cedric Diggory, a somewhat important secondary character in the fourth "Harry Potter" movie, but also one who doesn't appear in any of the following "Harry Potter" films. Then, a few years later, Pattinson landed the romantic lead in "Twilight," the adaptation of Stephanie Meyers' ultra-successful vampire novel, a part he would reprise for each subsequent entry. In the years since, Pattinson has described his relationship with the "Twilight" series as complicated, in so many words. Early on during the production of "Twilight," Pattinson was almost fired from the film for playing Edward Cullen too somberly. Later on, Pattison began telling interviewers that he didn't enjoy his time starring in the "Twilight" films. In 2019, however, Pattison reversed course and described his "Twilight" years as something on which he looks back fondly (via USA Today).

Thus far, one of the greatest highlights of Pattinson's post-"Twilight" career has been "The Lighthouse," the moody, mythological Robert Eggers-directed horror flick released in 2019. "The Lighthouse" is generally praised for its existential, Lovecraftian terrors, but the pairing of Pattinson with costar Willem Dafoe, at the same time, could also be considered one of the most unlikely buddy comedy setups ever be put to film.

Spilling the beans about The Lighthouse

In "The Lighthouse," Pattison plays a mysterious young man named Ephraim Winslow who, upon the film's opening, arrives at an isolated lighthouse somewhere off the East Coast of the United States. He's there on a work assignment, contracted to assist the lighthouse's elder keeper, named Thomas Wake (Willem Dafoe).

Given the titular lighthouse's remote location, all Winslow and Wake have is each other for company — at least, in theory. Over the course of the film, one or both of the men are visited by crazed seagulls, grotesque mermaids, and imposing sea monsters, in moments that blur fantasy and reality. Amidst these fantastical detours, the two men become increasingly paranoid and at odds with one another, showcased in loud, bombastic, and sometimes surreal dialogue. The relationship between these characters takes several unexpected turns, as the battle isolation, the elements, each other, and — perhaps? — the supernatural. 

"The Lighthouse" currently holds a 90% critical score on Rotten Tomatoes. For the Chicago Sun-Times, seasoned film critic Richard Roeper wrote that "this truly IS must-see cinema — one of the most visually striking films you'll ever see, featuring magnificent performances from the two leads." Meanwhile author Justin Chang described the film for the Los Angeles Times as a "bleak and blisteringly funny squall of a film" and "an astonishing spectacle."

Those interested in watching "The Lighthouse" can currently stream the film on Amazon Prime Video.