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These Are The Best Episodes Of True Blood, According To IMDb

Scandalous, suspenseful, more than a little cheesy (and knows it), and a good bit of fun for those who enjoy fantasy and melodramatic romance, "True Blood" stood as one of HBO's most popular programs during its 6-year life span (via New York Times). Airing from 2008 to 2014, the show, based on the novel series "The Southern Vampire Mysteries" by Charlene Harris, gradually grew in popularity and saw a sharp rise in ratings between its first and third seasons. Unfortunately, "True Blood" would eventually fall off and see a dramatic dip in the quality of its stories and characters. By the end of its season seven finale, the show had declined so much that The Guardian called it a "merciful release."

Still, a bad ending doesn't necessarily mean the show isn't worth watching. "True Blood" still had three very strong seasons, and the fact that the later seasons had some of the worst episodes of the show shouldn't bar someone from watching the early seasons. So, for those who may enjoy a campy show about vampires slaughtering (and sleeping with) people openly in the town of Bon Temps, Louisiana — these are some of the best episodes from "True Blood's" golden ages.

'Timebomb' starts strong and ends with a bang

Of the highest-rated episodes on IMDb, Season 2 Episode 8, "Timebomb," ranks as the show's most well-received chapter. With an average rating of 8.9, "Timebomb" just barely qualifies for its exalted position. The episode follows protagonist Sookie Stackhouse, a telepath in a relationship with vampire Bill Compton, after she infiltrates an anti-vampire organization to search for the local vampire ringleader in Dallas, Godric.

Things do not go well for Sookie in the episodes preceding "Timebomb," but thankfully, Godric saves her. The rest of the episode follows several major characters' — including Eric, Bill, and Sookie's brother, Jason — attempts to rescue Sookie and Godric. Eventually, they succeed, and Godric forgives his captors before they all return to the Dallas vampire nest.

At the same time, the bubbling B-story back in Bon Temps continues to build. Maryann is up to something, and it's probably related to killing people and cooking their hearts into casseroles. We won't spoil everything for you here, but things get freaky as Maryann's schemes continue to unfold.

'I Will Rise Up' ups the stakes even higher

"True Blood's" next highest episode is the one immediately following "Timebomb." "I Will Rise Up" ranks below its superior by just 0.1 points, and it continues the story from where it left off.

At the end of "Timebomb," the dangerous guest who arrives at the nest is revealed to be a suicide bomber strapped with silver-packed explosives. His bomb goes off, leaving the condition of Sookie and friends uncertain.

Thankfully, "I Will Rise Up" begins with Sookie in the aftermath of the explosion, as she is forced to suck the silver shrapnel from Eric's body after he tells her it prevents his vampiric healing. As it turns out, ingesting his blood was the real goal, and now the two are inextricably linked in a way that gives Sookie the hots for the ancient nordic heartthrob. Shortly after, Godric is reprimanded for voluntarily giving himself to the anti-vampire group, and he resigns his position. He begins to consider "meeting the sun" and experiencing true death.

Meanwhile, Maryann continues to manipulate several supporting characters back in Bon Temps, brainwashing them and causing them to black out. Her goals seem to involve causing as much chaos as possible to appease her deity. She also begins looking for a sacrifice in the shapeshifter, Sam — who has managed to escape her clutches. Her manipulation causes great turmoil in the personal lives of Tara, Eggs, and Lafayette.

'Everything is Broken' shatters expectations

The third highest ranked "True Blood" episode on IMDb is Season 3 Episode 9, "Everything is Broken." By this point, Godric, the anti-vampire group, and Maryann are all essentially in the past. The most pressing matter for Sookie and her allies is the oncoming ratification of the Vampire Rights Amendment.

As this develops, Bill begins to uncover more about the truth behind Sookie's powers, and Eric is placed under careful scrutiny of the Vampire Authority after the disappearance of a Magister. Meanwhile, Jason deals with his new werepanther girlfriend and rescues Tara as she is confronted by the vampire, Franklin. Tara and Sookie also encounter a telepathic child. The episode ends with a brutal twist as a vampire leader bursts onto live TV to deliver a very direct (and brutal) message to humanity.

With so much drama and a surprising amount of political intrigue occurring in the span of these episodes, it's no wonder why fans on IMDb regard them so highly. The world of "True Blood" may be drenched in blood and camp, but it's also incredibly deep in many ways, and all of these episodes manage to further the mysteries ingrained in the setting. And though they are ranked highly, they aren't exactly far off from the high standards of many other episodes. Of the series' 80 episodes, only the bottom 45 rank below an 8 point ranking. For a show that fell off in the last four seasons, those are great numbers.