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The Westworld Connection You Never Noticed In Altered Carbon

It shouldn't surprise you that fans of Netflix's hit sci-fi show "Altered Carbon" also love HBO's psychological thriller "Westworld." While the two shows offer a distinct set of rules and storylines, they also dabble in similar themes. Featuring stellar casts and stunning visuals, both shows portray mystery-driven plots set in futuristic worlds that explore what it might be like if consciousness could be uploaded into a new body countless times. Even if you're not the biggest fan of science fiction, it's hard not to get drawn into the fantastic storytelling that plays out on screen in both shows.

However, the two programs also share a particular element that even the most diehard fans might overlook their first time or two watching them. Not sure what directly links the shows together, other than the fact they both feature action-packed, sometimes mind-bending episodes? Don't worry, we've got the low-down on the "Westworld" connection you never noticed in "Altered Carbon."

The musical connection Altered Carbon has with Westworld

While many sci-fi television shows and movies go to great lengths to have distinct soundtracks of their own, sometimes a song that's already been featured in another program is the perfect fit for a new one being made. That seems to be the case with "Altered Carbon" and "Westworld," as the former actually uses the theme song for the latter in a particular instance.

The song – a piece called "Reverie" written by Claude Debussy in 1890 (per Fandom) – has a particularly special tie to "Westworld." Not only do viewers learn in the first season that the "reveries" the hosts are experiencing are more than they seem, but the opening song continues to show up in several versions as the show progresses. Ultimately, the creators of "Altered Carbon" felt the tune was appropriate for a certain hotel scene in the first season's third episode, called "In a Lonely Place" (per IMDb), too.

At couple eagle-eyed Altered Carbon fans picked up on the Westworld connection

While many fans of both "Altered Carbon" and "Westworld" may have overlooked the connection of using the song "Reverie" in some way, a few diehards didn't let the detail slip by them. In fact, several fans pointed out how they noticed that "Reverie" was in both shows in the Reddit thread "Westworld tune in Altered Carbon?"

Redditor r/westworld kicked things off, writing, "Anyone else catch, about 10 minutes into episode 3 of Netflix's newest SCI-Fi flagship show Altered Carbon, as the main character enters a hotel you can hear a slowed down version of Reverie in the background. Definitely an awesome little nod from one Sci-fi to another." Redditor llloksd agreed, saying, "I'm sure it's still a ref to WW," and AngryManRichard added, "Yes I noticed this as well and Googled it to make sure I wasn't imagining things. Definitely the same tune, gave me goosebumps."

Now that you know what to listen for, watching the first season of "Altered Carbon" will be a little more fun.