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The Thrilling Final Trailer For Paramount+'s Infinite Has Arrived

What do you get when you bring together the director of "Training Day," a '90s-hip-hop-star-turned-actor, and an Oscar-nominated actor and Marvel Cinematic Universe member? You get "Infinite," the Antoine Fuqua-directed sci-fi action movie starring Mark Wahlberg (known decades ago as Marky Mark) and Chiwetel Ejiofor (from "12 Years a Slave" and "Doctor Strange" notoriety). 

Ahead of the film's June 10 debut on Paramount+, studio Paramount Pictures has released the high-octane final trailer for "Infinite."

Written by Ian Shorr and based upon D. Eric Maikranz's novel "The Reincarnationist Papers," "Infinite" follows Wahlberg's Evan McCauley, a man who can't wrap his head around the skills he possesses and the visions he sees flashing before his eyes. He doesn't recall ever learning how to do the things he can do, or visiting the places that his mind recalls going to. Evan begins self-medicating in an attempt to escape these visions — but it's no use, as a shadowy collective known as the Infinites begin tracking him down. When the Infinites reach him, Evan soon discovers that he isn't simply imagining things: The memories he has are from his many past lives, thus making him an Infinite as well.

Evan is no ordinary Infinite, however: His memories contain vital information that no one else knows of, secrets that stand between survival and decimation. Together, Evan and the Infinites dig through his mind to uncover the answers, all while the volatile Ted Murray (Ejiofor) attempts to bring them and the entire concept of reincarnation to an end.

The hype for Infinite is real

Reviews for "Infinite" haven't dropped as of this writing, but the movie has amassed a sizable buzz through its trailers alone. Just a few days before the release of this new final trailer, Paramount Pictures rolled out the first round of official footage from "Infinite" — and when it did, Twitter went wild. The tweet containing the first "Infinite" trailer, which the Paramount+ Twitter account shared on May 28, 2021, has over 1,100 replies, nearly 33,000 likes, and close to 4,000 retweets (plus an additional 835 quote-tweets). Responses to the first trailer ranged from exclamations of excitement to a desire to see more of star Dylan O'Brien, who plays Heinrich Treadway in the movie, throughout the footage. 

"Interesting premise, looking forward to seeing this. Love an action movie and Mark Wahlberg kicking a$$!" one user tweeted. Another wrote, "Looks like it's time to add #paramountplus to my list of streaming services. #infinitemovie #BeInfinite."

Luckily, those keen to see "Infinite" don't have much longer to wait. The film — also starring Sophie Cookson as Tammy McCauley, Jason Mantzoukas as Peabody, Wallis Day as Shin, Rupert Friend as Bathurst, Toby Jones as Kent, Liz Carr as Garrick, and more — hits Paramount+ on Thursday, June 10.