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Donald Glover Cast As Simba In The Live-Action Lion King Film

Looks like Donald Glover is going to be the "mane" event in the upcoming The Lion King live-action film. In a simple and sweet statement, the movie's director Jon Favreau announced that Glover would be stepping into the jungle royalty role of Simba.

Favreau, who was confirmed last year to take the directorial reins on Disney's remake of the 1994 animated classic, tweeted a picture of Glover along with the hashtag #Simba. He also included a coy reference to one of the film's most recognizable songs to celebrate the casting confirmation. "I just can't wait to be king," Favreau fittingly wrote.

Actor and rapper (under the stage name Childish Gambino) Donald Glover has been picking up incredible momentum recently. From snagging well-deserved Golden Globe Awards for his work on the FX comedy-drama series Atlanta to his impressive new studio album, "Awaken! My Love", Glover seems on a fast track to household name status. Joining the cast of The Lion King live-action remake looks like just another notch in Glover's belt of success.

But what's more is that this isn't the first Disney-related announcement regarding Glover; he was recently cast as young Lando Calrissian in the forthcoming Han Solo standalone origin film, and will pop up somewhere in the newest spidey film iteration, Spider-Man: Homecoming. By the looks of it, Glover may very well sit in multiple thrones as king of the galaxy, the music world, and now of the jungle.

Joining Glover as Simba is acting legend James Earl Jones, who will reprise his role as Mufasa. In similar fashion, Favreau tweeted Jones's casting announcement, including a picture and the hashtag #Mufasa. He also expressed his enthusiasm about collaborating with Jones on the upcoming film. "Looking forward to working with this legend," Favreau said.

While no release date has yet been talked about, we're certain more details will be announced (possibly through Twitter to keep up with the current trend) in the near future. To make the wait go by just a bit faster, take a look back on some of the best Disney films.