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The Monica Scene In Friends That Went Too Far

For the most part, the characters on "Friends" were harmless individuals who reacted to mundane situations with over-the-top responses. Over 10 seasons, there were breakups, marriages, promotions, and pregnancies — all life events to which viewers could easily relate. But, when our favorite sextet experienced these milestones, it often involved outrageous hijinks that few of us could ever imagine doing, even if we secretly wished we could.

On rare occasions, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, or Joey would break the "Bro code" or the "Girl code" or some other revered relationship rule. Chandler kissed Joey's girlfriend. Ross kissed Chandler's mom. Phoebe slept with Monica's ex. Monica dated Richard's son. Joey used his girlfriend's leg as kindling. Rachel made Ross' girlfriend bald. But once in a while, a member of the Central Perk gang would go too far, so far that even while we laughed we cringed inside. For Monica, her cringe-worthy moment came in the show's final season.

The one where Monica tried to steal a baby

In the episode "The One With The Birth Mother," Monica and Chandler, who have turned to adoption after struggling to conceive a child of their own, head to Ohio to meet with Erica (Anna Farris) at an adoption agency. Eager to impress Erica in the hopes she'll agree to let the Bings adopt her yet-unborn baby, Monica and Chandler really lay on the charm. Erica, however, is already impressed with the couple after seeing their adoption application. After all, who wouldn't want a doctor and a reverend to adopt their baby? Yes, Erica believed the Bings were an entirely different couple.

Now, in the real world, we'd gently correct the woman's mistake and go back to charming our way to parenthood. Monica, however, decides to run with it. She pretends to be a reverend and forces Chandler to masquerade as a doctor. Monica even uses fake Bible quotes to persuade Erica into giving them her baby. While this makes for some great comedy, Monica's actions are reprehensible. She's lying to a young woman currently facing a massive, life-altering decision, preying on Erica's naivete and religious faith in an effort to trick her into giving them her baby. Though guilt and better judgment eventually lead Monica and Chandler to reveal to Erica the truth, Monica's manipulations are more inline with the twisted characters of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" than the much-sunnier "Friends."