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Here's Where You Can Watch Kill Bill Vol. 2

Mention the name of filmmaker Quentin Tarantino and everyone gets a different image in their mind. Maybe it's John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson talking about cheeseburgers, or it could be the maniacal laughter of Diane Kruger on a big screen as a movie theater goes up in flames. The stylish writer, director, and producer may not be for everybody in his nearly 40-year career, but the impact his works have had on the film industry — and on audiences — is undeniable.

In 2003, following one of his less celebrated features, the sneaky good "Jackie Brown," Tarantino released the first volume of two movies that could arguably be considered his magnum opus. "Kill Bill Vol. 1" stars Uma Thurman as a woman focused on taking revenge against the ones who murdered her fiancé and then tried — and failed — to finish the job with her. Tarantino and Thurman both came up with the concept for Thurman's character, the Bride, and the film uses elements from Tarantino's favorite film genres, including Kung Fu movies and spaghetti Westerns. The scale of the story was so epic that producers told Tarantino he would have to divide the Bride's saga into two films.

"Kill Bill Vol. 2" was released just one year after its predecessor, and it gave fans a thrilling and altogether satisfying conclusion to the Bride's journey. If you're feeling nostalgic, or have yet to see this action-packed finale, here's where you can find "Kill Bill Vol. 2" streaming.

Kill Bill Vol. 2 concludes the Bride's quest for revenge

You can't watch the continuation of a story without seeing where it all began — that would be like watching "The Return of the King" without first sitting through "The Fellowship of the Ring" and "The Two Towers." As luck would have it, both "Kill Bill Vol. 1" and "Kill Bill Vol. 2" are currently available on HBO Max, so you can watch both titles in succession.

"Kill Bill Vol. 2" starts where the first volume left off, with the Bride (Uma Thurman) still on the road of vengeance, seeking out the man who destroyed her life. The Bride hunts down the remaining members of the Deadly Vipers, of which she used to be a member until she got pregnant and left her crew to start a new life. When she finally gets the chance to confront Bill, she is shocked to discover that her daughter is still alive.

There are a number of memorable sequences in the second installment, including the Bride's relentless training with a merciless martial arts master, and the final standoff between rival Elle Driver (Daryl Hannah) and the Bride (it's kind of hard to forget the sight of an eyeball being squashed between Uma's bare toes). For those who might have skipped Tarantino's double-feature revenge tale, or want to relive the films in all of their bloody glory, both "Kill Bill" titles are waiting to be marathoned on HBO Max.