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The One Part Of Criminal Minds That Annoys Longtime Fans

Being a diehard fan of a TV show does not preclude one from having some criticisms and that's especially true for fans of "Criminal Minds." The long-running CBS crime procedural (which will be even longer-running when the revival debuts) has a devoted legion of viewers who aren't afraid to also point out the show's flaws. After all, nothing lasts for 15 seasons without some missteps.

One particular complaint was the subject of a Reddit thread that had fans of the series speculating on how the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) might respond if they turned up dead or missing. Reddit user u/existentialmacchiato started a thread titled "Okay is anyone stressed about this?" to discuss this particular "Criminal Minds" annoyance. In the introductory post, they wrote, "Am I the only the one that's a little annoyed/confused about the leaps that the team makes sometimes? Like if I was murdered these guys would get everything wrong about me?"

Other users jumped into the comments to poke fun at the sometimes giant leaps in logic the BAU team makes while profiling criminals in the way that only true fans of the series could.

Fans joked about how they would look through the eyes of the BAU

In their introductory post, u/existentialmacchiato offered a potential example from their own life to further illustrate the point they were trying to make: "Like 'there's no photo ID on the body.. they must be trying to hide their identity' ... no I just literally always forget mine everywhere i go because I'm scattered af."

Other users jumped in to offer their own theories on how they might get incorrectly profiled by the BAU. User u/lockhead12345 speculated that they'd get pegged as the "Gone Girl" style prime suspect in their own disappearance because of "the large amounts of true crime information I consume and even my own attempts at crime solving (Hunt A Killer kits) and escape rooms (puzzle escape games, puzzle crime books)."

User u/xo_aria wrote in to add, "The one that I've always thought of is when Reid says something along the lines of 'he wears his watch on his right wrist, indicating he is left handed ...'" That would be a mistake on Reid's part, as u/xo_aria clarified, "No dude, I wear my watch on my right wrist because I have a cute little cat tattoo on the side of my left arm."

For u/zangona, there's a silver lining. After commiserating with those who were worrying about what the BAU would think about their lives, they wrote, "At least if I was dead I wouldn't know." That's the spirit!