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How Chloe From Jupiter's Legacy Should Have Really Looked

The spoiled rich kid is an archetype for a reason. Plenty of people in real life who were born into fame and riches end up going off the rails because there was no one ever around to tell them, "No." It's safe to say if superheroes were a real thing, their children would probably be the most messed-up out of anyone, and that's precisely the idea explored in Netflix's "Jupiter's Legacy."

The Utopian (Josh Duhamel) and Lady Liberty (Leslie Bibb) have two kids together. There's The Paragon (Andrew Horton), who tries extremely hard to live up to his parents' reputation, and then you have Chloe (Elena Kampouris), who does pretty much the exact opposite. She doesn't even try to be a hero. Instead, she succumbs to notoriety and fortune and becomes a celebrity who's effectively famous for being famous. She models, goes to parties, and leads a life that very much goes against what her father values.

Kampouris told Looper in an exclusive interview that Chloe is vastly different from who she is as a person, saying, "I'm quite boring, actually. I never really partied before. I have no experience in any of the stuff she's got experience in. So that was what made her so fun and challenging to explore." In addition to delving into a new personality, Kampouris also had to get used to Chloe's eccentric outfits. She may not don a super-suit in the first season, but she still serves some incredible looks that are a marked departure from her comic book aesthetic.

Netflix's Chloe trades in pink for black

There are some similarities between Netflix's Chloe and the one found on the pages of the comic books. Their personalities are practically identical, with the two possessing a healthy disdain for any authority. They're both prone to wearing skimpy outfits, and they each enjoy hitting the bottle perhaps a bit too much. However, there's one big change when it comes to their wardrobes: Netflix's Chloe prefers to keep things more subdued with her clothing. 

In the comics, Chloe likes wearing pink outfits in sharp contrast to her short, jet-black hair. Netflix's Chloe instead opts for more neutral tones. The first time we see her in episode 1, she wears a white, billowy top and black skirt during the dinner scene with her family. It helps ground her character and remains more in line with what someone with her personality would wear during a nice dinner. This aesthetic carries out throughout the first season, with her outfits remaining primarily dark except for one noteworthy exception.

In Season 1's "All the Devils Are Here," Chloe wakes up from a one-night stand with a guy she met at the club. She needs to hurry to make it to a photo shoot on time, and as she throws things together, she puts on a short, pink skirt and a light pink shirt in what seems like a clear callback to her usual look from the comics. 

Chloe does get a fairly significant costume upgrade in the comics, but we won't get into that here. It's best to leave it unsaid in case the Netflix series gets a Season 2 order.