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Watch Will Ferrell And Amy Poehler Risk It All In The House Trailer

Strapped for cash, eyeing college (and its astronomical expenses) on the horizon, with a lovely teenage daughter who's seemingly none the wiser to mischief and one very persuasive family friend in the wings? That's what funny guy and gal Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler are up against in the latest comedy flick from New Line Cinema and Village Roadshow, The House.

As a married couple willing to (literally) gamble their well-being and reputation in the hopes of securing a successful future for their daughter, Ferrell and Poehler agree to head up an underground gambling circuit in the basement of their home. "I have a way for you guys to make four years' tuition in one month," the couple's bro-like buddy, Frank (played by Jason Mantzoukas), says. With the prospect of cold, hard cash just one illegal casino endeavor away, the Johansens jump on board.

The comedy pairing are more bumbling, hopelessly naive, and sweetly funny as ever as Scott and Kate, and by the looks of the trailer, they'll get themselves entangled in some seriously risky business. Joining Ferrell and Poehler are the leading lady's former beau Nick Kroll (Kroll Show, the upcoming series Big Mouth), Ryan Simpkins (Revolutionary Road), and Allison Tolman (Fargo).

The comedy flick also marks director Andrew J. Cohen's first foray behind the camera and the second time (the first was for 2014's Neighbors) collaborating with Brendan O'Brien, who serves as co-screenwriter. Distributed by Warner Bros., The House hits theaters June 30.

Most of us remember Ferrell and Poehler joining forces in skits on Saturday Night Live, so why not dive into the untold truth of the show before seeing them team up again in the summer comedy flick?