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The Tomorrow War Release Date, Cast, And Plot - What We Know So Far

The future is often a scary time to consider, mostly because it's uncertain what will happen. Perhaps the world would be a more comforting place if we could know the future before it happens? Well, Amazon's new original movie, "The Tomorrow War," shows us that in this instance, you should be careful what you wish for. The future has equal potential to be bad and good, and it may be so bad that you wish you never learned about it in the first place.

That's the hard lesson that characters in "The Tomorrow War" must learn. After a group of people from the future travel to the present day to gather allies for an impending and hopeless conflict, the characters of "The Tomorrow War" are forced to deal with the fact that the future isn't a very kind of forgiving place. Starring Chris Pratt, the film releases soon on Amazon Prime. Here is what we know so far about "The Tomorrow War."

When will The Tomorrow War be released?

"The Tomorrow War" is lucky as far as recent movies go. Many projects have suffered greatly in the form of COVID-19 related delays, something which "The Tomorrow War" has been fortunately safe from. As a result, expecting viewers shouldn't be too concerned with any last-minute shenanigans interfering with "The Tomorrow War's" release schedule. So, though it's not hitting theaters, Amazon Prime subscribers will be able to watch "The Tomorrow War" on the company's streaming service starting July 2, 2021. 

Unfortunately, since this is an Amazon Prime exclusive, there isn't a very great chance that "The Tomorrow War" will receive a second release date on other platforms any time soon. So, if you aren't an Amazon Prime subscriber and you've been meaning to catch up on your Chris Pratt filmography, then you may want to consider a subscription. Alternatively, it might benefit you to check if you still have a free trial available.

Who will be in The Tomorrow War's cast?

As previously mentioned, the star of this timeline-hopping escapade is none other than Chris Pratt of MCU and "Parks and Recreation" fame. According to the trailer, Pratt's character is Dan, a military veteran sent through time to combat a mysterious conflict in the future. The roles of Dan's wife and child are played by Betty Gilpin and Ryan Kiera Armstrong respectively.

Of course, the man who plays Star-Lord is also joined by another superhero veteran in J.K. Simmons. Simmons is coming hot off of the success of Amazon's animated super-series, "Invincible," to play the character, Slade, in "The Tomorrow War" (via IMDb). Very little is known about Slade, though he can be seen in military gear as a member of Dan's unit.

The two are joined by the likes of actor Sam Richardson and Yvonne Strahovski ("The Handmaid's Tale," "Dexter"). The trailer shows us that both Strahovski and Richardson characters, named Romeo Command and Charlie, are also soldiers fighting in the Tomorrow War.

What is the plot of The Tomorrow War?

The plot of "The Tomorrow War" is a bit of a unique take on time travel stories. It follows military veteran and loving father Dan, who comes to a child's birthday party in order to see his daughter. While watching a live soccer game with his family, a strange event interrupts the broadcast. Soldiers from the future open a portal in the center of the soccer field. They claim that in 30 years' time, humanity will wage a losing war against an overwhelming inhuman force. With too few humans left to combat the force, they have come to conscript people from the past in order to save the humans of tomorrow.

Soon after this occurs, people begin getting drafted into the Tomorrow War. Dan's wife is one of these unlucky few, but he volunteers to go in her stead. Fixed with a time-traveling device on his wrist, Dan and the other soldiers travel to the future in order to save the world from a race of animalistic aliens.