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Mass Effect Legendary Edition: How To Use The Mako's Original Controls

Those of you who have played the "Mass Effect" series before will remember the M35 Mako. It's an infantry fighting vehicle with a turreted 155mm mass accelerator cannon, a coaxial-mounted machine gun, and a somewhat cramped interior, (especially when you cram a Krogan in there). Basically, the Mako is your main method of planet-side transportation whenever your next location is too far for Sheppard to walk. The new "Mass Effect: Legendary Edition" has made a lot of changes including one that modifies what many consider the games' worst mechanic — the controls for driving the Mako.

The handling of this all-terrain space vehicle has been a point of contention ever since the original release of "ME1" back in 2007. Some fan's love it, while others have nurtured a deep resentment for the bouncy and difficult to maneuver moon-tank. This is most likely why it didn't return in "Mass Effect 2" and "3." Luckily, Bioware has created a solution in the "Mass Effect: Legendary Edition" that will satisfy both parties. They've defaulted the Mako to a new set of controls which they believe will be more appealing to those who didn't enjoy driving it in the original version of the game, while also including the option to switch back to the old controls as well — if you're playing on PC that is.

Shifting the Mako into classic mode

Here's how to switch the Mako's controls back to the original version if you aren't a fan of the new ones, or if you've just got your nostalgia glasses on and want to experience gameplay that's more authentic to the original game. Just keep in mind that, according to Fandom, you'll be giving up smoother physics, faster shield recharge rates, and rear thrusters. 

Making the switch can be a little tricky if you don't know where to look, though. According to Reddit user DatThrowaway1138, PC users need to go into the "Controls" menu and look for an option that says "Couple Mako to Aiming." Switching this off will change the controls back to their settings from the old version of the game.

Unfortunately, Xbox and PlayStation users are out of luck, at least for now. It seems that this option isn't currently available on consoles. Several members of the Reddit community have scoured the game in search of the ability to switch the Mako back to classic mode on these systems and all of them seem to have come up empty.

Bioware has already confirmed that it will be making use of patches, with an 11.8GB day-one-patch already available, so it's entirely possible that this feature will still become available to console gamers in the coming weeks.