The Kinds Of People You'll Meet In Line For Star Wars 7

The countdown is on. We're almost to the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and people are gearing up for the premiere. If you haven't helped crash the Internet to purchase your tickets yet, then get on it—they're going fast. In the meantime, here are a few people you can expect to stand with in line while waiting for the premiere of Episode VII...

The Cosplayers

Sure it's annoying when the guy in the full-sized Chewbacca costume keeps bumping into you because he just can't see where he is going. But that costume took sweat and blood to build, and cosplayers take their craft very seriously. There will inevitably be a slew of lightsabers whizzing around near your face, a ton of guys trying to force choke those around them, and a barrage of remote-controlled BB-8s rolling around smacking into everything and everyone. So it's probably best to prepare yourself now. And get ready to applaud as the guy who refuses to leave his replica bowcaster in the car is escorted off the property by theater security.

The Newbies

What was once a fantastic space opera beloved only by sci-fi nerds and fantasy geeks alike has grown into a monstrous hydra of film, gaming, media, and many other platforms. So don't be surprised when some fans show up to the the film who are not yet old enough to appreciate the art that they are seeing. They may be young, they may not know who Salacious Crumb is, and they may actually enjoy watching the prequel trilogy. One day these youngsters may grow up to realize the beauty behind Episodes IV through VI, and hopefully many Jar Jar Binks toys will burn on that day. But until then, remember that Star Wars is now for everyone to enjoy in their own way.

The First-Timers

Speaking of newbies, it may be hard to believe but there are people out there who have somehow gone through their lives without any fraction of a desire to see a Star Wars film. As shocking as that may be, the buzz from this film is already drawing the attention of some non-believers. Go easy on the eye-rolling when you see a group of friends trying to catch their one clueless companion up to speed on the last 30-plus years of lore and back story. Hopefully they'll skip over that weird music video in the middle of the Special Edition of Return of the Jedi.

The Philosophers

It's hard to avoid eavesdropping when you're huddled together outside of a movie theater. But if you're lucky, you'll end up next to the group that really likes to dig deep into the philosophy behind the Star Wars universe. Whether it's debating the dualism of the Force as both a symbol of religion and anti-religion, or what it represented by the Gray Jedis who walk both the light and dark side of the force, there will be many heated arguments hatched in the tight little movie queue.

The Ink Masters

Die-hard fans of the series have never been afraid to donate a portion of their skin to showcase some amazing Star Wars tattoos. The culture behind Star Wars tattoos has grown so rapidly that there exists several tattoo artists that actually specialize or ink exclusively in Star Wars art. Even the grand Star Wars Celebration lent an entire section of their show-floor to tattoo booths so that anyone wanting to get in on the action could book an appointment.

The Know-It-Alls

These fans know everything. They can tell you the color of the lightsabers held by Jedis that you've never even heard of. They can sync every piece of extended universe into a proper timeline and tell you why Galen Marek should be your new idol. They can name other Ewoks beside just Wicket, and they can name every Sith Lord that ever existed and tell you how each one of them met their end. These fans will kill their three hours in line simply by quizzing each other, and they'll love every minute of it.

The Quoters

Everybody knows at least one person who likes to quote Yoda's lines in their own special Yoda impersonation. Imagine all of those people in one place. There are fans that can quote every line from every Star Wars film ever made, including the infamous Star Wars: Holiday Special. And they'll be quick to correct anyone that utters the somehow well-known yet also incorrect phrase, "Luke, I am your father." Stay away from the ones that can actually quote all of the alien lines as well. That's a devotion bordering on scary.

The Theorists

With so many theories buzzing around the Internet with regard to Episode VII, expect there to be a lot of chatter about what Rey's last name will be, or whether Luke is actually Kylo Ren. Since the release of the first trailer, fans have been rapidly deconstructing the footage and slapping their findings online. While some may be over-thinking these tiny clues, such as all the pod racers' flags strewn about that mysterious doorway that Finn walks into, some theories will probably end up being spot on. So remember who it was that ruined the big reveal for you by shouting their theories outside before the movie had even starts, and give those nerf herders a piece of your mind.