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America: The Motion Picture - What We Know So Far

Move over, "Hamilton" — there's a new kid in town ready to retell the true story of America's founding fathers. Okay, not really, but Netflix's "America: The Motion Picture" looks like a crazy ride that we don't want to miss. From the minds behind "Archer" and "Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse" comes an animated movie that brings together some of America's famous historical figures — although actual history clearly isn't what the creators had in mind.

"America: The Motion Picture" has a top-notch team behind it, including director Matt Thompson (creator of "Archer"), writer David Callaham ("Wonder Woman"), and producers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who helped bring "Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse" and "The Mitchells vs. the Machines" to life (via Collider). Netflix revealed some images of the new adult animated comedy that definitely raise some questions — such as, is that really a Robocop centaur?

This question (and many others) will be answered when the feature arrives on Netflix, but there are a few things we can clear up in the meantime — like when is "America: The Motion Picture" coming out, who is in it, and what is it about? Here is what we know so far.

When is the release date for America: The Motion Picture?

Netflix showcased many highly-anticipated original movies in its Summer Preview trailer on YouTube last month, with "America: The Motion Picture" sandwiched between the upcoming animated family film "Wish Dragon" and the sci-fi thriller "Blood Red Sky." Although we only saw a few seconds of the patriotic reimagining of American history, it was enough to leave us intrigued. Along with this all-too-brief sneak peek, Netflix gave fans a hint of what's to come in an April 27 Twitter post, which also announced a June 30 release date for the film.

The Netflix post shows a video preview of some of the characters in "America: The Motion Picture" in an iconic image of George Washington's boat crossing the Delaware. But there are some very curious differences from the famous original artwork; Washington strikes his familiar profile pose, but then there is also Sam Adams chugging beer at the boat's bow, and a ghostly Abraham Lincoln flying overhead, wielding an ax. Geronimo holds up the flag alongside nurse Clara Barton, who sports some killer shades. Another character is playing with a toy horse. This bizarre and anachronistic bunch has many wondering about the movie's cast, which leads us to our next question.

Who stars in America: The Motion Picture?

With so many familiar historical figures coming together in "America: The Motion Picture," the voices behind those characters had better be just as recognizable — and it looks like the movie's producers have delivered.

"G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" actor Channing Tatum is the man behind the mic playing George Washington, the group's fearless leader and historical general of the American Revolution. "Saturday Night Live" alum Bobby Moynihan is Paul Revere, who is also the mystery Robocop centaur from the images released by Netflix. Simon Pegg plays the villainous King James, Olivia Munn is a gender-swapped Thomas Edison, and Judy Greer takes on the role of Martha Dandridge, the original First Lady. Playing Geronimo will be actor Raoul Max Trujillo, with rapper Killer Mike as Blacksmith. Also appearing in the animated film are comedians Andy Samburg, Will Forte, and Jason Mantzoukes, though their roles have not yet been revealed.

What the heck is America: The Motion Picture even about?

Forget everything you learned in school about the founding of America, because this won't be that kind of movie. If the images and previews Netflix has shown us so far aren't enough of a clue, the official summary for "America: The Motion Picture" reads: "In this wildly tongue-in-cheek animated revisionist history, a chainsaw-wielding George Washington assembles a team of rabble rousers — including beer-loving bro Sam Adams, famed scientist Thomas Edison, acclaimed horseman Paul Revere, and a very pissed off Geronimo — to defeat Benedict Arnold and King James in the American Revolution. Who will win? No one knows, but you can be sure of one thing: these are not your father's Founding... uh, Fathers."

This "revisionist" story of the American Revolution is sure to be a wild ride for viewers, though its R-rating suggests that this is not a movie meant to educate the kids. Netflix audiences will be able to decide for themselves whether history is stranger than fiction when "America: The Motion Picture" lands on the streaming service on June 30.