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The Inspirational Dennis Quaid Drama That's Killing It On Netflix

Picture it: a perfect cinematic marriage of Dennis Quaid, fishing, and an orphanage's financial salvation achieved through the combined powers of comradery and determination. If "Blue Miracle" wasn't exactly what the founding fathers had in mind when they invented Hollywood, then what was?

The premise of the story is beyond familiar: a group of underprivileged young people turns to a down-on-his-luck older gentleman in order to realize a noble cause. In this case, the youth include Anthony Gonzalez ("Coco") and relative newcomer Miguel Angel Garcia as two teens bent on keeping their favorite orphanage afloat, alongside father figure Papa Omar (Jimmy Gonzales, "Mayans M.C.")

Their salvation comes in the form of Wade (Quaid) a former champion fisherman who just might help the crew develop the knowhow necessary to win a competitive fishing tournament. Wade is hesitant and rudderless, the kids are desperate and ready to be inspirational, and the stakes are every bit as high as they can be in a heartstring-tugging family feature.

Blue Miracle is a real life big fish story

What makes "Blue Miracle" especially impressive is the fact that it draws on a true story. According to Mexico News Daily, the Casa Hogar orphanage in Cabo San Lucas really was saved from financial ruin in the wake of Hurricane Odile, thanks to the real Omar teaming up with the real Wade to enter the Bisbee's Black and White fishing tournament. With the help of a group of kids who had never fished before, the team landed a nearly 400-lb marlin, taking home a $258,000 grand prize and allowing the orphanage to not just rebuild, but even expand.

The film's roots in reality, and its focus on portraying honest, flawed people, were part of what helped draw Dennis Quaid to the role, according to an interview with ComingSoon. "Well, it wasn't like a Disney type of character," Quaid recalled of his first impression of his Wade. "This guy has some ambiguity to him. He's a very kind of jaded person to just start out with, and who's very ego-driven ... He learns about what's really important and it's in that by getting humbled like that. That's where God's miracles really happen."

"Blue Miracle," which is currently available to stream on Netflix, has largely charmed critics. Variety bemoaned a "programmatically invented" premise while praising the filmmakers' approach to the story, as well as the performances of its leading men.