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The Big Problem Marvel Fans Have With The Eternals Teaser Trailer

Marvel fans are not happy about one specific moment in the "Eternals" teaser trailer. The highly-anticipated film, which is set to hit theaters this November, is shaping up to be one of the most ambitious and distinctive projects that the studio has ever made. Spanning centuries, the film will introduce viewers for the first time to the Eternals, a group of powerful immortal beings who first arrived on Earth thousands of years ago. Its theatrical release was unfortunately delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, but fans finally got their first full look at "Eternals," which Salma Hayek promised will be special, with the release of its debut trailer earlier this week.

The "Eternals" trailer does a lot to sell the film's singular look — a product of the artistic direction from "Nomadland" filmmaker Chloé Zhao — and its overall scope and scale without getting too deep into specific plot or story details. The trailer, for the most part, seemed to do its job in creating interest and curiosity amongst both die-hard comics fans and casual moviegoers alike as well. However, there's one detail in the "Eternals" trailer that Marvel fans have been openly airing their grievances about in the days since its release.

The line of dialogue that Marvel fans really don't like in the Eternals trailer

Some of the only dialogue in the "Eternals" trailer comes courtesy of Salma Hayek's Ajak, who explains the general history of the titular group's relationship with Earth through voice-over narration. The character reveals that the Eternals have watched humanity through its various developments, but have never interfered in any of its conflicts. While "Eternals" will see the immortal team breaking that pattern in response to the emergence of a villainous species known as the Deviants, Marvel fans were quick to take issue with the Eternals' decision to apparently remain on the sidelines during the events of "Avengers: Infinity War" and "Avengers: Endgame."

On Twitter, @ShalyahEvans tweeted, "Ok but to be clear the Eternals didn't feel like helping with Thanos," and @goldloki compared the Eternals' absence during the "Infinity War" conflict to Regina George (Rachel McAdams) in "Mean Girls" just standing by while chaos reigns in a high school hallway. User @Hello_Tailor also noted the awkwardness of the trailer's voice over narration, tweeting, "feeling real sympathy for the Eternals writers who had to dream up an explanation for why the Eternals ignored millennia of genocide, war & natural disasters, but decide to start "helping humanity" like 2 years *after* Thanos killed off half the population."

Many of the most popular YouTube comments on the "Eternals" trailer are similarly derisive of the group's decision to just sit out and watch previous MCU conflicts unfold. Ofentse Mwase Films posted, "So a whole Thanos wiping out Half of Earths Population didn't wake these guys up..?," while a user named Kevin B wrote "Imagine them just hovering over earth watching the final battle with thanos.... so cruel."

It's hard to dispute any of these points, and this is arguably a problem that Marvel will continue to have to address every time that it introduces viewers to powerful characters who may have been around during the events of previous MCU films. It's also entirely possible that "Eternals" will provide a logical explanation for the group's absence during the last two "Avengers" films. Only time will tell.