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Is Gina Torres Actually Leaving 9-1-1: Lone Star?

Contains spoilers for "9-1-1: Lone Star," Season 2, Episode 13 — "One Day"

The Season 2 finale of "9-1-1: Lone Star" left us with more questions than answers, especially regarding a replacement for captain Tommy Vega (Gina Torres). The finale began with the newcomer contemplating her resignation. Thankfully, both of her daughters understand the importance of her job and encourage her to stay. Then, the newly appointed deputy fire chief, Captain Billy Tyson (Billy Burke), announces his first order of business: permanently closing the 126. On top of all that, Tommy is put in an incredibly difficult situation when her husband, Charles Vega (Derek Webster), dies from a brain aneurysm. 

It's safe to say Gina Torres' character has gone through a lot in the season finale. Since her introduction at the beginning of the season, fans have quickly grown fond of the captain. She provided fans with a beautiful, multi-ethnic family that immensely loves and supports each other. Many fans of the spinoff show were left wondering if the newly added character would be a one-and-done or if they would see her again in the third season. The strong mother of two will have a lot on her plate if the creators decide to keep her on the show, but we still need to know if Torres is sticking around.

Gina Torres wants to connect with fans even more

Thankfully, Gina Torres has already confirmed she will return for the upcoming season. Although her character will need to adjust to life without her husband, Torres is excited to use the opportunity to show the power of growth. She spoke with TV Insider and explained, "The death of somebody in your family ... has repercussions that go on beyond a day or two or a few weeks. It's years of adjustments. I think we will see her chosen family of the 126 step in, but we'll just have to tune in next season to find out what Tommy's life is going to look like from now on."

The upcoming season will continue to take fans into the personal and professional lives of the emergency responders in Austin, connecting more deeply with its audience through Tommy and her newest struggles. The show first introduced Tommy's character after her husband's job fell through because of the pandemic. Now, the upcoming season will continue to hit home during humanity's most difficult moments, such as losing a loved one.

"I'm still trying to get through it because I still so loved what we had presented as a family that struggles that I still feel we're emblematic of what so many families were going through, particularly through the pandemic," Torres said in the same interview.

There is no set date for the upcoming season's release, but the show has been officially renewed, so we can hopefully expect a premiere some time next year.