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What Really Happened To The Chick And The Duck On Friends

"Friends" had no shortage of feathered and furry animal companions for the main cast of characters. From Marcel the Monkey to Julio, the cat who contained the spirt of Phoebe's late mother (according to Phoebe), there was a regular presence of non-humans throughout the entire run of the show.

Chick and Duck, the birds adopted by Joey and Chandler during Season 3's "The One with a Chick and a Duck," became staples of the show, appearing 18 times throughout several seasons. Their final appearance came in Season 6, aside from some dialogue references to the animals during Season 7. Upon first glance, they simply disappear without any final explanation as the series comes to a close. When Chandler marries Monica, Joey stays alone in his own apartment, without any human or animal roommates. 

However, there's a reference to Chick and Duck in the final episode of the show that most fans don't recall. What does it mean for the fates of the beloved birds?

Joey was kept in the dark

As explained by ScreenRant, it turns out that the twosome had long departed this plane of existence — and Joey was the only one who had no idea what had happened to his pets.

In the series finale, "The Last One," we learn that Chick and Duck died long before that fateful day, but the gang teamed up to mislead Joey that the pets were living on a farm he could never visit. 

To make up for this loss, Joey adopts a new duckling and a new chick, naming them Chick Jr. and Duck Jr. He initially tries to give them to Monica and Chandler as a housewarming gift, but Chandler gently suggests that Joey keep the birds.

The juniors never show up on Joey's spin-off series, which makes us wonder what happened to the replacement birds. Maybe they're with Chandler, Monica, Jack and Erica in the country after all. If the subject doesn't appear in the reunion special, we'll just have to keep guessing about the fate of Chick Jr. and Duck Jr.