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The Surprising Friends Characters Who Almost Had A Baby Scare

There were many "Friends" storylines that never made it into the final script, some of which would have dramatically changed the course of the show. For instance, there was a nixed subplot in Season 5 that would have seen Chandler (Matthew Perry) relocate to Minnesota for work, with the rest of the gang following him. It wasn't going to be a brief stint in the midwestern state either — it was going to be a permanent move, and the friends would have left New York City for good.

Additionally, there was also an idea to have Chandler and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) get romantically involved, while it was also going to be revealed in the series finale that Joey (Matt LeBlanc) and Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) had been secretly involved for 10 seasons. Thankfully, none of these plot lines ever came to be, as they could have hurt the success of the NBC hit. 

One particular scrapped thread that we're very happy never panned out was a storyline that saw one of the main friends have a baby scare with one of their many flings.

Ross almost had a baby scare with one of his girlfriends

In the Season 7 finale, it was revealed that Rachel was pregnant, but the father was a mystery until we found out it was Ross (David Schwimmer) in Season 8, Episode 2 ("The One With the Red Sweater"). 

However, it turns out that this wasn't the only pregnancy storyline, involving Ross, that the writers toyed with. According to Comic Book Resources, a scrapped storyline would have seen Ross and his Season 6 girlfriend Elizabeth (Alexandra Holden) smack dab in the middle of a pregnancy scare.

Season 6 would have ended on a cliffhanger, where Ross would have found out that Elizabeth was pregnant with (presumably) his child. The story would have carried on well into Season 7, where he would have found out in the finale that the baby wasn't really his. The producers decided to can the idea, especially since they knew that they always wanted Ross and Rachel to have a child of their own. In fact, the writers and producers had known for a while that they wanted Season 7 to end with the reveal of Rachel's pregnancy, and the two storylines — particularly so close to one another — just wouldn't have worked well together.

Thankfully, the Elizabeth pregnancy scare story was nixed, and her character was written out of the show after Ross broke up with her because of their age difference. The character only lasted five episodes in the entire series, with her last appearance coming in the Season 6 finale.