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The Last Of Us Connection You Didn't Notice In Plan B

Hulu's new original road trip comedy, "Plan B," is all about the sexual experiences of young women. Following a young pair of high school girls, Sunny (Kuhoo Verma) and Lupe (Victoria Moroles), as they desperately hunt for a place to find the titular "morning after pill" following a one night stand at a party, the movie uses comedy to discuss sex and pregnancy in American society. 

However, Sunny and Lupe aren't the only girls whose experiences make up "Plan B." Everyone from the film's embittered store clerk, to the girls' sexually active high school peers, inform the pair's knowledge and ideas about sex. Since these figures are side characters whose words and actions are mainly meant to serve the story of the two protagonists, it's fairly easy to overlook some of them. However, if you're a fan of the video game series "The Last of Us," you might want to take a closer look at one of the side characters — namely, Emma, a fellow student at Sunny and Lupe's high school. 

In fact, Emma is played by none other than Hana Hayes, a young performer with credits in everything from "Grey's Anatomy" to "Insidious: The Last Key." She also happens to be a voice actress who played a key role in "The Last of Us."

Who is Sarah in The Last of Us?

In "The Last of Us," Hana Hayes voices Sarah, the biological daughter of the game's protagonist, Joel. Despite the fact that Sarah is one of the most important characters in "The Last of Us," she is present for only a small portion of the game's story — players meet Sarah during the game's prologue, just before the Cordyceps Brain Infection causes widespread contagion and chaos leading to a full-on zombie apocalypse. Things seem fine at first, as Joel works to evacuate his daughter from the hectic city. As they are about to leave the city limits, however, Sarah is gunned down by an American soldier, in order to prevent the spread of the sickness.

From there, the story of "The Last of Us" jumps forward, continuing to follow Joel years after society's collapse. After losing his only daughter, Joel's life has gone down a dark route. He's done some bad things during those unseen years. However, that begins to change when he is tasked with escorting Ellie, a young girl immune to the infection, to a far-off medical safehouse. As they journey together, they form a father-daughter bond — one which helps heal the wounds of his loss of Sarah — that grounds the game's award winning story.

Hayes' performance as Sarah proved to be one of the best among the game's well-lauded cast. In 2014, according to IMDb, the performance won her a Behind The Voice Actors Award for Best Female Vocal Performance From a Child, proving once and for all that the young actress had the acting chops to hang out with some of the gaming scene's best voice actors. And as she continues building up her resume, with roles such as Emma in "Plan B," she looks to have a bright future ahead of her.