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iCarly Revival - What We Know So Far

Fans of classic Nickelodeon sitcoms like "Victorious" and "Drake & Josh" may have already heard about the upcoming "iCarly" revival series. The original show, which aired from 2007 to 2012, followed the adventures of a group of rambunctious high schoolers who start their own massively popular web show. Now, the "iCarly" cast is set to make a return, both in the fictional web show and its real-world namesake.

Fans should be excited for this revival series, as it promises to keep much of the original's spirit. However, it also promises some brand new elements to keep things a bit more interesting. Set to stream on Paramount+, the "iCarly" revival has the freedom to be a bit more adult with its content, especially now that the original actors have become adults. However, that just scratches the surface of what is in store for fans when this new "iCarly" series is finally released.

What is the iCarly revival's release date?

On May 14th, "iCarly" star Miranda Cosgrove revealed the fast-approaching release date for the show's revival series. In a short video posted by Entertainment Weekly, Cosgrove and her castmates gathered to celebrate the actress' 28th birthday. The crew cut open her cake to reveal a note saying that the "iCarly" revival will release on June 17th. This is good news for expectant fans, who hardly had to wait half a year after the revival was announced in December 2020 (via The Hollywood Reporter).

Right now, the show is halfway through filming all of its episodes, meaning that there's very little chance for any further delays when it comes to "iCarly." In all likelihood, Paramount will finish making the last of the 13-episode season between now and the show's release. All in all, production seems to be going very smoothly for the "iCarly" revival.

Who is in the iCarly revival's cast?

Old-school "iCarly" fans should rejoice knowing that, for the most part, "iCarly's" cast won't be changing. Fans will be reunited with the likes of Freddie (Nathan Kress), his mother (Mary Scheer, and Spencer (Jerry Trainor). However, familiar faces aren't the only thing that the "iCarly" revival has to offer.

In addition to the characters fans know and love, two newcomers will be joining the roster. Actress Laci Mosley will be coming on to portray a new character named Harper. Like Sam (Jennette McCurdy) in the original series, Harper acts as Carly's best friend and co-host. Another new addition to the cast is Jaidyn Triplett, who plays Freddie's step-daughter, Millicent.

Unfortunately, Jennette McCurdy's character will not be returning for the revival, despite being a major part of the original series. In an episode of her own podcast, "Empty Inside" the actress revealed that (like many child stars) she had never really enjoyed acting and felt embarrassed about many of her roles (via CNN). As a result, McCurdy has officially bowed out of the revival, opening the way for Mosely's character to fill the gap.

What will be the story in the iCarly revival?

Like other revival shows such as "Fuller House," the "iCarly" revival adopted the same formula as the original while setting the story years down the line. As a result, a lot has changed for our characters. Over a decade has passed since Carly stopped hosting her web show (via Entertainment Weekly), and she seems to be doing well for herself. She even has her own (yet-to-be-seen) apartment in the same building as her and Spencer's original place.

Of course, Spencer still inhabits that apartment, though it has undergone a few modifications in the past decade. While Carly managed to achieve a more standard level of success, Spencer became fabulously wealthy. So even though he lives in the same spot, it doesn't look exactly how fans will remember it for the show. Meanwhile, Freddie has hit a bit of a rough patch. Now a single dad, Freddie was forced to move back in with his mother after enduring a nasty divorce.

Things pick up for the cast when Carly decides to bring back her classic web show. According to Cosgrove, however, the in-show "iCarly" won't be exactly the same. The internet has changed over the years, and the show explores how Carly's show competes and changes in the current social media landscape. This has given the "iCarly" revival a lot of interesting territory to explore as our favorite characters, now fully-grown adults, contend with the internet age after years away from the camera.