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Fantasy Island Release Date, Cast And Plot - What We Know So Far

Between 1977 and 1984, ABC viewers were witness to a show that embodied the word "fantastic" in multiple ways. Starring Ricardo Moltabán as the enigmatic and magical Mr. Roarke, "Fantasy Island" delved into the moral repercussions of living out one's greatest fantasies. Each episode of the original series followed a small group of guests who either paid or were invited to visit Fantasy Island, a place where their wildest dreams could come true. However, as Mr. Roarke and his assistant, Tattoo, were frequently quick to advise, a person's greatest wish rarely has the outcome they desire.

Since the original series finale in 1984, "Fantasy Island" has been revived several times in various formats. In 1998, the show was brought back for a single season with English actor Malcolm McDowell taking up the mantle of Mr. Roarke. Most recently, a film prequel starring Michael Peña was released to poor critical reception (via Rotten Tomatoes). But it seems as if the minds behind "Fantasy Island" aren't giving up hope yet, as Fox Entertainment and Sony TV are slated to release a revival of the series very soon. Here is what we know so far about this new spin on "Fantasy Island."

What is the release date for "Fantasy Island"?

News on the upcoming "Fantasy Island" reboot first dropped back in December 2020, with the promise of a summer 2021 release date. So far, it seems like Fox and Sony have stayed true to their promise. In April 2021, Deadline reported that the "Fantasy Island" reboot will premiere on August 10 on Fox. And thankfully, it seems like that prediction isn't changing anytime soon. The only thing Fox and Sony haven't revealed is the show's timeslot.

To coincide with the release of this new "Fantasy Island" series, Fox has also done something special for fans of the original series. On May 1, Fox released the entirety of the original "Fantasy Island" starring Ricardo Moltabán on its free streaming service, Tubi. Furthermore, it also released the 1998 revival series starring Malcolm McDowell. So, whether you're an old fan looking to refresh your memory before the new series drops or a new fan who needs to catch up, you can jump into the 2021 reboot assured that you aren't missing anything.

Who will be part of the cast on "Fantasy Island"?

The burning question for fans of the original "Fantasy Island" series is: Who will play Mr. Roarke? And the short answer is, nobody. For this interpretation of the series, Fox and Sony have decided to go down a different route. Instead of Mr. Roarke, viewers will be treated to the hosting skills of Ms. Elena Roarke, played by Puerto Rican actress Roselyn Sanchez. While the "Fantasy Island" reboot has decided to replace the original Roarke character, they've stayed true to his legacy. Though this new Roarke isn't quite as familiar, she is still sure to be dignified, intelligent, and likely supernatural.

Of course, no Roarke would be worth their salt without a sidekick. And while the iconic character Tattoo will not be included in this reboot, Elena Roarke has some friends of her own. This time around, she is joined by Ruby Okoro (Kiara Barnes), a deathly ill woman who now resides on the island (via Deadline). Likewise, John Gabriel Rodriquez will join the cast as the island's head of transportation. How these two will interact with Roarke and the guests is unknown at the moment, but they are sure to bring some exciting variety to the show's recurring lineup of characters.

What is the plot of "Fantasy Island"?

Like all of its predecessors, 2021's "Fantasy Island" likely won't follow one overarching plotline. Instead, each episode will have its own plotline with episode-specific main characters who come to the island seeking some sort of wish fulfillment. No doubt, many of these fantasies will turn sour for those involved. Danger lurks around every corner on Fantasy Island, and nobody's safety is guaranteed. However, in all the previous iterations, Roarke often returned in the final hour to rescue his guests from certain peril. Oftentimes, a moral or philosophical lesson followed in order to teach the guest where they went wrong.

If the show decides to pattern itself exactly like the original, this formula will remain fairly consistent throughout the lifespan of "Fantasy Island." Furthermore, viewers shouldn't hedge their bets on any guests making a return appearance. Besides Roarke and the island's other crew, only two characters ever made multiple appearances on the original show. Still, a new series brings new opportunities, and those who desire for "Fantasy Island" to break its mold may have their wish granted. Of course, they should be careful what they wish for.