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The Good Fight Season 5 Release Date, Cast, And Plot - What We Know So Far

"The Good Fight," CBS All Access' spinoff of their wildly popular legal drama "The Good Wife," is officially coming back for a fifth season. After playing liberal firm partner Diane Lockhart on "The Good Wife" for seven seasons, Christine Baranski, of "Mamma Mia!" fame, brings her character to new challenges in "The Good Fight."

When a financial scandal ruins Diane's retirement plans, she joins an African American-owned firm that's gaining attention for taking on police brutality cases. Over the course of four seasons, "The Good Fight" has explored several current topics, like the #MeToo Movement and alt-right politics, as well as some more character-centric stories.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic cut its fourth season three episodes short, leaving the story unfinished. Now, however, "The Good Fight" is coming back to wrap up those plot threads while bringing in exciting new ones. Here's everything we know about "The Good Fight" Season 5.

When is the release date of The Good Fight Season 5?

Fans don't have to wait long: The first episode of "The Good Fight" Season 5 will arrive on the streaming service Paramount+ on June 24, with a weekly release schedule for the season's 10 episodes, according to Deadline. Thursdays are the night to watch for that delicious legal drama as "The Good Fight" is one of the best shows on Paramount+. Audiences should expect the season to conclude near the end of August, making it a juicy summer series.

Season 5 is coming over a year after Season 4 aired in spring 2020 because "The Good Fight" production was shut down temporarily due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, Season 4 did not get to finish its planned 10 episodes and got cut short by three. Luckily for fans, though, this will not be the case for Season 5, which will have a full-length season.

Who is in the cast of The Good Fight Season 5?

While much of the regular cast is coming back to fight the good fight, there are going to be a few changeups. "The Good Fight" original cast members Cush Jumbo, who plays Lucca Quinn, and Delroy Lindo, who plays Adrian Boseman, will come back but only in a limited capacity.

"We couldn't be more grateful that Delroy and Cush will be returning in Season 5 to finish off their arcs," series co-creators Michelle King and Robert King said in a statement, via TVLine. "We adore the actors and their characters, and are delighted to give the audience a chance to say a proper goodbye."

Since the series is losing two regulars, two more are joining the fray. Charmaine Bingwa is coming in to play the tough lawyer Carmen Moyo, while Mandy Patinkin will be Hal Wackner, a man with no legal training who gets himself involved regardless. "We are thrilled that Charmaine is bringing her enormous talents to The Good Fight ensemble," the Kings remarked, via Deadline. "The moment that we saw her audition, we knew that we had found our Carmen, and we can't wait to start writing for her in Season 5."

The returning cast members include Christine Baranski as Diane, Audra McDonald as Liz, Sarah Steele as Marissa, Michael Boatman as Julius, Nyambi Nyambi as Jay, and Zach Grenier as David.

What is the plot of The Good Fight Season 5?

Due to the pandemic cutting Season 4 short, "The Good Fight" Season 5 has a lot to make up for as several plot threads were left hanging. We do know that Season 5 will wrap up the stories of longtime characters Adrian and Lucca, who recently resigned from the law firm, and then explore how Diane deals with that change. As the logline reads, "Diane is forced to question whether it's appropriate for her to help run an African American law firm with Liz" (via Deadline).

At the same time, Mandy Patinkin's newcomer Hal Wackner will "become entangled" with Marissa and the firm when he opens his own courtroom in the back of a store. He has no legal standing but is taken altogether too seriously by the public, according to Deadline. As for the other newcomer, Carmen (Charmaine Bingwa), she'll be joining the firm in the absence of Adrian and Lucca, and showcase her specialty for working with their most difficult clients. Here's the short but intriguing teaser for the season.