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The Medical Action Anime That Everyone's Binging On Netflix

The human body is a complex and abstract entity in many ways. How do we, as humans, visualize the individual cells and molecules that make up our body? Sure, we may consciously know that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. We may even be able to identify that cell and its individual parts under a microscope. But unless you're a biologist or a doctor, there's going to be much about your own physical form that you simply don't understand. Luckily, as with all things, there's an anime to help you solve that problem.

Originally published in manga form by Kodansha, "Cells at Work!" is a high-energy shonen series by Akane Shimizu dedicated to explaining the ins and outs of human anatomy at the cellular level. Its 2018 anime adaptation, developed by David Production (you know, the guys behind "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure"), focuses on the lives of various anthropomorphized cells carrying out their daily tasks. With its unique blend of action, comedy, and educational content, "Cells at Work!" has quickly become a popular series for those binging on Netflix.

Cells at Work! explores the workings of the human body

Because "Cells at Work!" covers a lot about human anatomy, its episodes aren't usually connected by an extended plotline. The show is more episodic in nature, with each new episode discussing a different bodily issue. However, there's still a strong cast of recurring characters for viewers to latch on to. The protagonist we see most often is a simple Red Blood Cell, depicted as a cute (yet clumsy) delivery girl. Since her job is to carry oxygen throughout the entire body, she is able to take viewers all over the place.

Red Blood Cell is often joined by a particular White Blood Cell, a stoic and serious security guard wielding a combat knife. When Red Blood Cell finds herself face to face with an invading virus, it's White Blood Cell and his comrades who sweep in and eliminate the threat. With these two acting as a dynamic duo, viewers witness the body's responses to things like viral invasions, common allergies, open wounds, and more.

Additionally, there are plenty of side characters, like adorable platelets and T cells, viewers get to meet. Through these anthropomorphized cells and cell fragments, "Cells at Work!" turns what is basically a class in biology into an entertaining experience. At the moment, Netflix only has the first season of the series available. However, a second season is currently streaming on Crunchyroll. Hopefully, Netflix will be inclined to include Season 2 once it wraps up.