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Ghost In The Shell Trailer Reveals Plot And Villainous Kuze

While the first trailer for the upcoming Ghost in the Shell movie gave us plenty of action and atmosphere, it didn't deliver much in the way of plot details. The recently released second trailer takes us much deeper into the futuristic world, and it provides our first good look at Michael Pitt's mysterious villain.

Scarlett Johansson plays Major Motoko Kusanagi, the half-human, half-cyborg leader of a special division of the Japanese National Public Safety Commission called Section 9. The task force is devoted to stopping dangerous extremists and according to the synopsis, Section 9 will be faced with an enemy who wants to "wipe out advancements in cyber technology."

The new trailer features a lot of the imagery we've seen before, but it also unveils Kuze (Pitt), the cyborg villain that the Major will be up against. However, in this dystopian future, it's hard to tell who the real bad guys actually are.

Ghost in the Shell arrives in theaters March 31. While we wait, take a look at how the filmmakers created Johansson's nude thermoptic suit.